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Thoughts are creative forces that brings to existence the non-existent. At rayofthought, we translate the thoughts of great men and women into readable texts for the sole purpose of enforcing social transformation, creativity and longevity of arts, science and culture.


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As a platform we run periodicals containing miscellaneous pieces(such as articles , stories, poems, e.t.c) We chose our themes carefully and also ...

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Ray of Thought provides for thinkers and readers who are eager discover and share commentary about the books and authors they enjoyed!

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We interview successful individuals whose heft of good works are sources of inspiration and impact in our society. ​

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We provide our conference proceedings to help young people and professionals connect with our research trend and theme of focus, and also ...

Ray of Thought is an association scholars, thinkers and young intellectuals who seek to to influence the world by her thought and actions. At our core, Ray of Thought operates on imagination, individuality, inclusivity, connection and impact.

At ‘Ray of Thought’ we believe there are better way to address the challenges in the world, in  Africa, and in Nigeria most especially. We are obsessively passionate about the growth of young people in this continent with mineral resources, intellectual power, and cultural diversities. Our place on this world is simple, as we are everyday excited to see that we reach out to leaders in different industries and get their stories documented. Ray of Thought is audacious in also documenting articles that have practical ways to address contemporary issues.

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