A Review Of The Book Of Prophecy Titled “Physics Of The Future- Michio Kaku”

A Review Of The Book Of Prophecy Titled “Physics Of The Future- Michio Kaku”

Book Title: Physics of the future (published in 2011)
Reviewer: David B. Antia

By 2100, like the gods of mythology ,we will be able to manipulate objects with the power of our minds. Computers silently reading our thoughts, will be able to carry out our wishes. We will be able to move objects by our thoughts alone , a telekinetic power usually reserved for the gods alone. With the power of biotechnology we will create perfect bodies and extend our life span.We will also be able to create life forms that have never walked on the surface of the earth. With the power of nanotechnology we will be able to make an object and turn it into something else. To create something seemingly out of nothing. We will ride not in fiery chariots but in sleek vehicles that will soar by themselves, with almost no fuel ,floating effortlessly in the air

I name this book, ‘a book of prophecy’ because it discuss with great details how science will shape human destiny and our daily lives by the year 2100. Any book who sees through the story of the future and bring it as history for the mind at present is a book of prophecy and must be given attention.

Are our minds prepared for the new realities predicted in this book?
In today’s world we still see people who after withdrawing cash from ATM no matter how large or small the amount is ,still count their money to confirm if the ATM did not make mistake. This action is primitive and not unconnected to the fact that our cavemen always demanded ” prove of kill”. We in fact trust our brains to calculate and get a correct amount than trust machines.. Also, why do people still prefer to read books in hardcopy than soft copy?
For our cavemen, it was never enough to boast about the big one that got away,having the fresh animals in our hands was always preferable to tales of the one that got away. In similar manner we prefer hardcopy while dealing with files to soft copies. You can see that our instinct has to be shaped for us to accept and deal with the realities that the Author has predicted in this book.

In this book the Author detailed sedulously the exegesis of future realities by drawing inspirations from the laws of physics. His obdurate determination to gather information from pioneers and trailblazers, scientists and Nobel laureates make this book a credible source of information and the best book of scientific prophecy. But why physics of the future?
The Author makes it clear that everything we see has an atomic and subatomic scale. Advancements in technology depends solely on our ability to decode the secrets of the subatomic scale.The Quantum theory for instance has enabled scientists to unlock the secret of DNA molecules…
The Author predict that by 2100 ,our destiny is to become like the gods we once worshipped and feared, but our tools will not be magical wands and portions but the science of computer, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and most of all, Quantum theory which is the foundation of previous technologies..
Are these predictions product of mere imaginations?.
Well, interestingly the answer to that is “NO”. The Author is not riding on the wheels of contrivance and ideation. There are prototypes of those future realities so predicted. The Author deployed data and pattern from current scientific developments to tell us what our generation to come will witness.

Though the author has not told us the ethical implications on these predicted realities which is very important I still give this book a five star rating.
This nine(9) chaptered book is to be read by all who is interested in knowing the future of mankind in his computerized environment.

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