Tales of Bliss| Book Review
Tales of Bliss| Utibe Umoh

Tales of Bliss| Book Review

An incredibly engrossing story of a pretty, young and powerful lady who defy the odds to nail home her demands, employing the powers of seduction and soul-dividing pleasure schemes on a hapless young doctor who proves a challenger to the core.
Her initial contact with her “prey” proved pretty challenging and paved the way for a fierce contest for superiority between herself and her invincible male challenger. The relentless enchantress conquers her male counterpart in the long run, but not without a blissful unleash of the most sublime of her feminine powers, which takes its toll on the young man, pulling down every inch of his resistance and leaving him unspeakably docile and at the mercy of her wiles. One latent but significant drawback to her devastating schemes is the power of love building up unabatedly between herself and her handsome doctor who is recovering in earnest from the potency of her brutal attacks, she is extra careful not to give in to this super raging force of untold affection, but much as she tries, she falls all the more deeply in love with the young man whose undivided attention she has acquired. She later invents a potent therapy which turns out to be a panacea for the terrible condition that was almost taking the life of her the sister of her new found lover.
Interlaced with spectacular and relatable medical scenes, the plot here is skillfully drawn out, with excellent characters strung up in perfect symphony and presenting each episode of the spellcasting story in a wholly absorbing manner.

Utibe Umoh

Utibe Umoh is a Poet and writer par excellence with a profound interest in romance-fiction and short essays. He studies Medicine and Surgery at the University of Uyo, Nigeria and enjoys reading fiction books and listening to classical music at his leisure hours.

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