A Farmer And The Nature |Story

There was a Town near a river, it was a peaceful town ever in its time. People in it were happy and joyous for being blessed with it. It was full of assorted mineral resources and the greener was their main source of wealth.

Everybody ate and fed well. The butterflies usually littered the bellies of their maidens in appreciation for their pulchritudinous skins. Their hefty men were being seduced by the women of another towns for their handsomeness industriousness.

Their young ones were developing in a very good way of development while their elders were dying in a very long decade of ages. The sun of this town didn’t used to burn but dazzling the eyes like the diamond placed at the center of the sky. The rain in this town found of dropping meekly like the dews.

The air of this town was fresh, during the night, the moon was bright and big like a ball. Owl didn’t know the address of this town dwellers, so bereavements was a forbidden act in it. Nobody knew the dirge sings for a young deceased because they had never witness the departure of a chick-bird in its mother’s nest on the tree.

One day, the sun put away his dazzling cloak and wore his regalia of burning. The rain had travelled farther to an unknown land and left the town for a purpose. The greener started to dry and the tree of life began to wither away. Hunger became a man and started moving around the town. The yam, the plantation and the cocoa had been forgotten by the people of this town, when a stranger told them the magic of a mere lubricants. They didn’t bother at all until the nature shunned their plea.

They ran to their King who had been on the throne for a century and a year, and chased him away with a rod of corruption. They installed a farmer to look after them and their children.
The farmer saw no use in the Lubrication except for the Spirit of another life.

“Let us back to our farms and avoid the demons’ offers of food” he announced on his tiny voice.
“We can do this but it would take a while” he added.. ” the nature would surely comply if we are ready” and he explained

“How are we going to survive waiting for the traveled rain?” Someone who had been feeding himself from the remnants of the white demons shouted, “Let’s continue, we will soon survive this burning of the wicked sun” he added.

The farmer ordered the guards to block the holes where the white demons usually passed to the town and stopped their bloody food they were offering his people.

The farmer and nature

“All these you can produce once you reach your farms. Forget the life at home and provide the food for your dying kids. You were not like this when the stranger hadn’t arrived. Please, my people, don’t allow those who were eating from the demons of the moon to discourage your industriousness” he plead

“We are dying of hunger, please allow them to come with their stale food. We are satisfied” the people of the town were crying not knowing that the farmer was busy begging the nature to return to their land.

Author: Daud Ismail Olakunle

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