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Envisioned as a collaborative by  African University Student,David Antia, Ray of Thought is an online platform for publication of literary works which include prose, poetry, drama, essays, fiction and research works covering the area of philosophy, art, science, culture and law.

Ray of Thought, as a literary platform also publishes interviews / biographies of  high profiled individuals in different fields.

With the help of its editorial partners, Ray of Thought is a site readers can rely on for a smart, entertaining and engaging writings of national, political, cultural interest and global interest.

Ray of Thought also accept for publication, personal essays and writings on specific contemporary issues which could be of  tremendous help to mankind.

Ray of Thought also publishes learned seminar papers and other intellectual works.

Our Services

Proofreading & Editing

Whatever it is you write about, however you write about it and wherever you are writing it from, our team of highly skilled editors can help you get an error-free grammar for your writings by employing both expertise and powerful software.


You’ve got the will, we have the means! We can help you put together your fantastic write-ups and articles into beautiful prints with much ease and short time with delivery. From fiction and non-fictions to scientific books,we have you covered.

Online Courses

With our well crafted and presented set of courses, you are just close enough to your dreams. We train you with the right skills and background to become a respected Thought Leader and Well read author. You can get started immediately!

Ghost Writing

We transform mere imagination to readable writing! Our team of talented and highly skilled writers are everly ready to bring to live your dream books just the way you want it. We proof read, edit and do ghostwriting for all of your projects.