Distraction | opinion

March 23, 2019 David 0

Every which way one turns, one has more distractions to overcome. There is the constant, flawless, endless performance, on either one electronic gizmo or another, being piped into the air, all day and most of the night, demanding the time of year, and the focus of attention on one, singular […]

Wondering |A work of non-fiction

March 23, 2019 David 0

All I’ve done is taken down some random thoughts about the life I live, and some of the things I think and believe. A man doesn’t live half a lifetime and more, without thinking and believing in something. I don’t claim to be anymore right or wrong than anyone else. […]

This Savage God | poetry

March 15, 2019 David 0

Calamity hides under cover lurking in corners ready to rear its head. It lies in neat lab reports charting white blood cells run wild. What is this savage God who pushes us down to comas? Sneaking along icy roads daylight ends while sea gulls circle steel grey skies. Brake belts […]

Clandestine | poetry

March 15, 2019 David 0

In the rinse of another grey day unrolling before us like an empty film. I want to scream out against flat skies, tear up coarse air. Another grey day gnawing at me sounding metallic beats putting me through its paces with long lists of minutiae. Acrid weariness crawls up spine. […]

What My Aunty Told Me | Short Story

March 8, 2019 David 1

Those days are memorable,when I was only the child of my parent. Mom told me I was very good but I knew it myself.”A as in Apple” gently and softly I recite my alphabetical chart,when ever am tried she’ll come to my aid and give a nudge. “Oya! A for […]

Drum Of War | Opinion

March 8, 2019 David 0

ooQuestion is not who will conquer or win the war, it is, ‘who has beaten the drums of war?’ Question is not who has beaten the drums of war, it is, ‘who plays all the musical accompaniments?’ The flute players and horn blowers, the praise singers, the choreographers who design […]

Intuition | Fiction

February 28, 2019 David 0

Barry Burns has just finished a comforting chat, about whatever came to mind between the two of them, with his good old friend, Louis Brown, on the landline today, the whole way to the big city, from way down in the unfamiliar country. It’s raining good and proper up there, […]

Eleventh Hour | Poetry

February 28, 2019 David 1

Wrapped in darkness we can no longer deceive ourselves. Our smiling masks float away. We snake here, there from one side to another. How many times do we rip off blankets only to claw more on? Listening to zzzzzz of traffic, mumble of freight trains, fog horns. Listening to wheezing, […]

Chewing The Cud

February 22, 2019 David 0

There is nothing (compares to you) quite like that moment when you’re walking through the park and happen upon a spot where a group of goats are chewing the cud in a nearby field. If the one o’clock sun is shining down in all its glory to help mitigate the […]

Choosing The Right Leader

February 21, 2019 David 1

Choosing The Right Leader The next election is on it’s way, knocking so hard on the door that anyone can hardly concentrate on any other thing but the up coming election. The rural are looking forward to how much they can get from the candidates before voting, the urbans are […]