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How Trouble Grows By Joan McNerney

Trouble is patient hiding around corners. creeping through shadows entering without a sound. It starts as a seed blown by careless winds and covers your garden with foul brackish weeds. Or sparks from a match spread over fertile ground becoming flames...

A Farmer And The Nature |Story

There was a Town near a river, it was a peaceful town ever in its time. People in it were happy and joyous for being blessed with it. It was full of assorted mineral...

The African Girl Child | Fiction

There was a shriek in the inn, then the cry of a child. Eze Ndika rushes into the Inn. “what has my wife given birth?” to he asked. “A child, Eze Ndika”. said the...


Beginners Guide To Script Writing | Part One

Hey guys, welcome to the script writing outline. If you are reading this, it's because you have passion for creative writing and want to...

Learning Poetry | Part two

On Editing Let loose with a first draft and capture the essence of the poem. Refine with an eagle’s eye. Above all, make sure the grammar...

Learning How To Write Poetry | Part one

Firstly, it’s important to offer a disclaimer here at the outset. Any advice I have to give should be taken with healthy skepticism. I’d...


Small businesses will thrive if the first step they take is research. This is what design thinking is about, embracing a design process and applying the strategies to a business plan or model.

The Shifting Poles

Welcome to the Apocalypse. Armageddon spills across the sky in the form of a hazy mushroom cloud. This is the Day of Death. A...

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