Chewing The Cud

February 22, 2019 David 0

There is nothing (compares to you) quite like that moment when you’re walking through the park and happen upon a spot where a group of goats are chewing the cud in a nearby field. If the one o’clock sun is shining down in all its glory to help mitigate the […]

Ways Ladies Handle Depression

February 3, 2019 David 0

Ladies at one time or the other will be required to play many roles in life; Mother, wife, friend, caregiver and so on. The complexity of these roles can lead to ups and downs throughout life. Mood swings come as a result of arguments with friends, hormonal imbalance caused by […]

How Successful Nigerians Make Smart Decisions

January 27, 2019 David 0

How Successful Nigerians Make Smart Decisions Every day we are occupied with lots of decisions to make. The unexpected does happen and smart decisions help navigate our way out. Life throws so many at us, which we have to tackle in order to get to the other side. Indecision is […]

How To Get More Instagram Followers? | Business

January 24, 2019 David 2

The visual platform, Instagram, has grown to become a vital part of our everyday lives. It’s fun and there’s always something new to see. You have an Instagram account and you want lots of followers. That’s normal especially when you are starting out. With numerous highly followed Instagram users, you […]

The Man Called ‘Prof.Itse Sagay’ | Biography

December 21, 2018 David 0

In the philosophical saying of a great writer, some are born great, some acquired greatness and some have greatness entrusted in them. While aligning with this philosophical saying, I see it expedient to celebrate a great man with track record of integrity and excellence. A man whom legal scholarship and […]

The Unseen Science And How It Affect Us |Science

December 21, 2018 David 3

Every minute of everyday, someone somewhere is asking questions ranging from medicine to food. As humans, we worry about language and how it becomes sound, the countless interactions of different fields -quantum mechanics, neurophysics, neurosurgery, psychology – and how they affect us. We seek to address significant health issues like […]

OPINION| Reality-By George Geisinger

December 7, 2018 David 1

Keep in mind I’m not a scientist but a meta-physicist. My concept of reality has been brought into question and taken to task. Nevertheless, I’m under the distinct impression reality is actually random molecules interacting to form various configurations we know as existences. Existence has certain properties based on those […]

The Benefits Of Bilingualism-An Essay By Armstrong Zugu

December 1, 2018 David 2

Bilingualism is the ability of an individual to be able to speak and understand two languages proficiently. It entails the speaker, being able to confidently control the rules of two languages; his and another. It could be the mother tongue and the official language spoken in the place the individual […]