Drum Of War | Opinion

March 8, 2019 David 0

ooQuestion is not who will conquer or win the war, it is, ‘who has beaten the drums of war?’ Question is not who has beaten the drums of war, it is, ‘who plays all the musical accompaniments?’ The flute players and horn blowers, the praise singers, the choreographers who design […]

Religion And Its Etymology | Essay

January 22, 2019 David 0

Religion is the set of beliefs, feelings, dogmas and practices that define the relations between human beings and sacred beings or divinity. A given religion is defined by specific elements of a community of believers: dogmas, sacred books, rites, worship, sacrament, moral prescription, interdicts, organization. The majority of religions have […]

Let Me Just End It All |FICTION

January 9, 2019 David 2

Everyone loved Tessy and Demola together, they were sibling’s goal to everyone. Their bond was something even their parents couldn’t explain but they were happy their children got along, unlike their neighbor’s children, who were always at each others throat. Tessy was two years older than Demola but they related […]

Patriotism; Not A Virtue- By David Antia

December 3, 2018 David 0

Until now I have always thought  of patriotism as a virtue until I discovered otherwise . I beg anyone reading this to lean on the honesty of my thought as I write to unveil the evil of patriotism, the illusion of it concept and it preponderant consequences on a nation like Nigeria. […]

The Benefits Of Bilingualism-An Essay By Armstrong Zugu

December 1, 2018 David 2

Bilingualism is the ability of an individual to be able to speak and understand two languages proficiently. It entails the speaker, being able to confidently control the rules of two languages; his and another. It could be the mother tongue and the official language spoken in the place the individual […]

What Arts Can Tell Us About Happiness By David Francis

November 26, 2018 David 0

When we look at the lives of kids – how they stumble things at home and ask unimaginable questions, how they run skilfully and destroy appliance just so they could see what’s inside – we see in them nature’s greatest gift and art. Pablo Picasso was right when he said […]