Hurricane | Fiction

March 23, 2019 Shedrach Esin 0

The wind took out the traffic lights and the power in my doctor’s bldg. I had to walk down three flights of stairs, with a flashlight, when I was still in physical therapy to help me regain my walking. Had to have someone help me down the stairs. Outside, the […]

Intuition | Fiction

February 28, 2019 David 0

Barry Burns has just finished a comforting chat, about whatever came to mind between the two of them, with his good old friend, Louis Brown, on the landline today, the whole way to the big city, from way down in the unfamiliar country. It’s raining good and proper up there, […]

African Girl Child, Episode2

February 13, 2019 Shedrach Esin 0

Episode Two Early in the morning, after Nnenna and her children had taken their birth and had their break fast. Nnenna put Ada-ora to bed for siesta. “Nne” Ndidi called her to the passage “yes” Nnenna replied “What did you say that happened in the village, that made you to […]

The African Girl Child | Fiction

February 3, 2019 Shedrach Esin 1

There was a shriek in the inn, then the cry of a child. Eze Ndika rushes into the Inn. “what has my wife given birth?” to he asked. “A child, Eze Ndika”. said the mid-wife giving the wrapped child to Ndika. Taking the child in his arms, Ndika looked at […]

Two Legged |Fiction

January 21, 2019 David 0

The two legged were still downstairs after the meeting of their evening worship of the spirits of the trees. In some places this is against the law, to gather to worship, and they’ve been told so, all their lives, but it’s not like it is here. There is always talk […]

Let Me Just End It All |FICTION

January 9, 2019 David 2

Everyone loved Tessy and Demola together, they were sibling’s goal to everyone. Their bond was something even their parents couldn’t explain but they were happy their children got along, unlike their neighbor’s children, who were always at each others throat. Tessy was two years older than Demola but they related […]

Fubarred- By George Geisinger | Fiction

December 27, 2018 David 0

Leon Oscarwild came along with Al Douglasson to check out ole Barry Burns at his folks house, late one evening, after the burnout had just gotten out of the state laughing academy down in Dixieland, for the first time around, in his very fleeting youth. Leon had some new wheels […]

John,The Ghost By George S Geisinger

November 26, 2018 David 0

Miss Wertly was cranky old spinster lady who had an imaginary friend named John living in her house with her.  At least, that’s what some said of her and people do talk, you know.  It is said that John only came out late at night, when the lights were dim, […]

It Can Never Be Done This Way By David Francis

November 26, 2018 David 0

Yet again I witness another sunless day shadowed by smoky, heatproof clouds. I can hear Martha calling from a distance, her image blurred by the rising insubstantial brown powder that by now had cancelled the meditation session under the fearsome, bewildered sky. A repellent trepidation has always carried me into […]

Street Kids by Patrick Dominic

November 26, 2018 David 0

“Idris,who’s that fool peeping through my window?go and tell that idiot to leave that place. What kind of rubbish is that”Mrs Ajani ranted. “mummy, it’s that hopeless Olu. Imagine the Church rat saying he wants to become a surgeon that’s why he comes here to watch this Doctor’s Program on […]