Wondering |A work of non-fiction

March 23, 2019 David 0

All I’ve done is taken down some random thoughts about the life I live, and some of the things I think and believe. A man doesn’t live half a lifetime and more, without thinking and believing in something. I don’t claim to be anymore right or wrong than anyone else. […]

While | A work of non-fiction

March 19, 2019 Shedrach Esin 0

There was a time in life, for a while there, I felt a great emptiness, a great confusion, a great hunger and thirst, as if nothing and no one could ever fill me adequately enough. It was a time of habits and of cravings, where I was indulging falsely, trying […]

Habits | Non-Fiction

January 22, 2019 David 0

There’s a habit for knowing what the time is. Life plants the seed, and no matter how much you try to avoid knowing it, you’ve suddenly got to know accurately, what time it is. You’ve got to have that fix, where we are in our day, or things just won’t […]

Good Old Days | Non-Fiction

December 22, 2018 David 2

Woodstock was airlifting toxic psychotics to state hospitals, like San Francisco was dealing with the psych emergency of toxic psychotics at Haight Ashbury, even before removing all Americans from Vietnamese soil, and the Federal government was busy plotting ways to benefit from the incapacity of millions of young adult flower […]

Paint Me – A Short Story By Nancy Okere

November 28, 2018 David 0

Sipping from a glass of lemon squash,I enjoyed the warmness of the flowered ranch.The cool breeze brushing against my chest was enough to restore healing to a dying soul. Going to Abuja was a dream turned reality for me. I had looked forward to having my cousins around and basking […]

Watauga Hill- By George Geisinger

November 28, 2018 David 1

We each took half a hit.  We went into Watauga Hill, behind the freshman dorm, looking for the Crack Between the Worlds.  The things around us, became an intensity, an oil of color and, like as of a liquid, physical sensation, almost swimming, which was more than overbearing to perceive.  […]

Manic State By George Geisinger

November 28, 2018 David 0

  Having been deliriously manic since well before dawn, on this fine day, the writing insists upon itself, and I am turned inward toward some random association of thought.  It takes a little bit to focus on the thing I’m doing, but it does help to accept each word as […]

QUIETUDE By George Geisinger

November 28, 2018 David 0

  This afternoon is happily beginning without event.  One has to be grateful for things in this world, like a little quietude of an afternoon.  There are people who crave of excitement, but not I.  I enjoy the calm.  When I was righted, after a long time, where there was […]

My Timeline By Matt Pollock

November 27, 2018 David 0

Not much in my life is clearer than this moment. I had lost my job. My marriage had failed. I was drinking everyday. And not just a few beers but literally writing myself off. I was doing some seriously dumb and dangerous things. You could say I was permanently living […]

What Arts Can Tell Us About Happiness By David Francis

November 26, 2018 David 0

When we look at the lives of kids – how they stumble things at home and ask unimaginable questions, how they run skilfully and destroy appliance just so they could see what’s inside – we see in them nature’s greatest gift and art. Pablo Picasso was right when he said […]