This Savage God | poetry

March 15, 2019 David 0

Calamity hides under cover lurking in corners ready to rear its head. It lies in neat lab reports charting white blood cells run wild. What is this savage God who pushes us down to comas? Sneaking along icy roads daylight ends while sea gulls circle steel grey skies. Brake belts […]

Clandestine | poetry

March 15, 2019 David 0

In the rinse of another grey day unrolling before us like an empty film. I want to scream out against flat skies, tear up coarse air. Another grey day gnawing at me sounding metallic beats putting me through its paces with long lists of minutiae. Acrid weariness crawls up spine. […]

Eleventh Hour | Poetry

February 28, 2019 David 1

Wrapped in darkness we can no longer deceive ourselves. Our smiling masks float away. We snake here, there from one side to another. How many times do we rip off blankets only to claw more on? Listening to zzzzzz of traffic, mumble of freight trains, fog horns. Listening to wheezing, […]

Apple Of Discord |short poem

February 3, 2019 David 0

Apunanwu sits opposite the knife block drinking, she Breaks the Hennessey bottle, takes a shard and stabs into her arm Coruscating blood flows out like a river ‘ Debare, you’re a fool,’ she says Exhaling, inhaling, she puffs out a smoke Friday’s Kitchen was where they met Gratified yet sipping […]

Tavern | Poem by John Grey

January 14, 2019 David 0

tavern restored to its original look after years of neglect scallops, tiny, cooked in butter not grease food good, price reasonable, owner as friendly as a spaniel fancy glass ceiling bar dark brown, long signs with beautiful lettering, mirrors as sharp as the stars even the urinal is… well what […]

Achebe |Poem

January 11, 2019 David 0

So they say, I am she who sits behind the curtains of mother’s death crime, her eyes travelled in darkness when mine opened to light, she journeyed beyond I’m that bad omen, that drove father far away and made him a living dead. Achebe It is i Uprooted as the […]

Pervasive Peregrination | Poem

December 22, 2018 David 0

(In the telling course) I have travelled many roads, Down the paved and horrible holes, Where stars of lies appear by noon bright, And the real ceases to come by night. Who really knows maybe the truth is the deads? in this world of flesh or maybe we have scorpions […]

Sleep-By Utibe Umoh | Poem

December 19, 2018 David 0

Active in our lives each day is a horrid companion one we never see nor touch but obey it’s every whim. When our bodies ache from stress weary and frail from heat and mess flat we lay in wait for you ever so calm and gentle too you descend to […]

My Glasses – A Poem By Utibe Umoh

December 13, 2018 David 0

Ever gracefully adorning my face clutching firmly to the sides of my head dutifully at it’s master’s service with unwavering loyalty and poise My Glasses, corrector of my defective sight you were created and designed just for me masterful where my vision seems to fail traversing distances I ordinarily wouldn’t […]

An I’ll Omen- A Poem By Ima Francis

December 13, 2018 David 0

A sullen gloom Was someone about to die? I lay gulped in quivere Retreating like a weak-willed Shrinking like a -shy-plant The sound of lamentations, Wafting the aura Down in the dumps The night break -melodies The mournful weeping Another had gone Please follow and like us: