What My Aunty Told Me | Short Story

March 8, 2019 David 1

Those days are memorable,when I was only the child of my parent. Mom told me I was very good but I knew it myself.”A as in Apple” gently and softly I recite my alphabetical chart,when ever am tried she’ll come to my aid and give a nudge. “Oya! A for […]

A Farmer And The Nature |Story

February 28, 2019 Shedrach Esin 0

There was a Town near a river, it was a peaceful town ever in its time. People in it were happy and joyous for being blessed with it. It was full of assorted mineral resources and the greener was their main source of wealth. Everybody ate and fed well. The […]

The Word I Wished I Said | Story

January 27, 2019 David 3

The Word I Wish I Said Have you ever fall in love? Have you ever felt the euphonious feeling of falling in love? Have you ever been so helpless because you can’t love whom you love? “Love is blind” Adage once says but is that really true? Probably it is, […]

Two Legged |Fiction

January 21, 2019 David 0

The two legged were still downstairs after the meeting of their evening worship of the spirits of the trees. In some places this is against the law, to gather to worship, and they’ve been told so, all their lives, but it’s not like it is here. There is always talk […]

Tears of an African girl child |Story

January 18, 2019 David 0

Who would ever think I would ever soar to be the world celebrated neurosurgeon? Who would have ever whispered to my ears my destiny of separating a Siamese twin which was impossible for most of the renowned neurosurgeons in the whole of America? My exit from Murtala Mohammed Airport in […]

DEPRIVATION By Stanley Hockenschmidt

November 28, 2018 David 0

Dolly was a fixture around here forever and a day, losing her husband to the eventuality of his old age sometime ago. They were a loved a respected old couple who had quite the story to tell and neither of them is around to remind me of its particulars any […]

The Evil You Do

November 27, 2018 David 0

Once upon a time, in a town called Ibereko. There lived a woman by the name Adunni. She had been married for eight years without any issue (child). Her husband loved her so much that any time she is moody, he talks to her, calms her, encourages her. “God’s time […]

John,The Ghost By George S Geisinger

November 26, 2018 David 0

Miss Wertly was cranky old spinster lady who had an imaginary friend named John living in her house with her.  At least, that’s what some said of her and people do talk, you know.  It is said that John only came out late at night, when the lights were dim, […]

It Can Never Be Done This Way By David Francis

November 26, 2018 David 0

Yet again I witness another sunless day shadowed by smoky, heatproof clouds. I can hear Martha calling from a distance, her image blurred by the rising insubstantial brown powder that by now had cancelled the meditation session under the fearsome, bewildered sky. A repellent trepidation has always carried me into […]

Street Kids by Patrick Dominic

November 26, 2018 David 0

“Idris,who’s that fool peeping through my window?go and tell that idiot to leave that place. What kind of rubbish is that”Mrs Ajani ranted. “mummy, it’s that hopeless Olu. Imagine the Church rat saying he wants to become a surgeon that’s why he comes here to watch this Doctor’s Program on […]