Distraction | opinion

March 23, 2019 David 0

Every which way one turns, one has more distractions to overcome. There is the constant, flawless, endless performance, on either one electronic gizmo or another, being piped into the air, all day and most of the night, demanding the time of year, and the focus of attention on one, singular […]

Drum Of War | Opinion

March 8, 2019 David 0

ooQuestion is not who will conquer or win the war, it is, ‘who has beaten the drums of war?’ Question is not who has beaten the drums of war, it is, ‘who plays all the musical accompaniments?’ The flute players and horn blowers, the praise singers, the choreographers who design […]

Choosing The Right Leader

February 21, 2019 David 1

Choosing The Right Leader The next election is on it’s way, knocking so hard on the door that anyone can hardly concentrate on any other thing but the up coming election. The rural are looking forward to how much they can get from the candidates before voting, the urbans are […]

Nigerian Youths and socio-political realities

The Youths And The Nigerian Socio-Political Realities

January 30, 2019 David 0

The Reality A cursory look at the Nigerian socio-economic and political realities reveals that her youths are not moved by ideas, their minds and the creative resources and potentials in them but are moved by their stomachs. As such they are always at the saving tunnels of the voracious and […]

A Girl And The Nylon | Opinion

January 24, 2019 David 2

I met her on a Saturday evening after a very stressful week of travelling through four states. Hmmm, she is quite beautiful and intelligent. I was on my way home to take some rest and get prepared for the new week. She was also going the same destination as mine. […]

You An Suicide | Opinion

January 19, 2019 David 1

What is Suicide?? Suicide, or ending one’s own life, is a tragic event with strong emotional repercussions for survivors and for families of its victims. More than 45,00 people in the U.S. killed themselves in 2016, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, making it the 10th leading […]


December 22, 2018 David 0

Taking a glimpse at these two subject matter, one is actually a huge problem but yet the most neglected and the other a possible solution more like a nemesis. In this article, I am not just bringing you a problem but equally proffering a possible solution. You aren’t alone, we […]

Sound and Form- By Scott Thomas Outlar |Opinion

December 19, 2018 David 0

Words are fire erupting from the blood, a volcano amplifying in the mind, an explosion from unknown subconscious realms that sends the psyche spinning in a swirl toward new ideas. Words are the garden of Eden, the tree under which the Buddha sat in silence, the lotus that grew from […]

OPINION| Reality-By George Geisinger

December 7, 2018 David 1

Keep in mind I’m not a scientist but a meta-physicist. My concept of reality has been brought into question and taken to task. Nevertheless, I’m under the distinct impression reality is actually random molecules interacting to form various configurations we know as existences. Existence has certain properties based on those […]