Choosing The Right Leader

Choosing The Right Leader

The next election is on it’s way, knocking so hard on the door that anyone can hardly concentrate on any other thing but the up coming election.
The rural are looking forward to how much they can get from the candidates before voting, the urbans are politically apathetic of the up coming election because they feel their votes won’t count. Schools are on strike, the economic is lagging behind, the price of goods and services keep inflating. While the urban complain of the high price of goods and services the rural are dying in hunger and inappropriate medical attention.

Despite the upcoming election, the country’s at the peak of dividing. We hear strange news and stories, riots and protests. It’s mostly during this time of election we hear of missing persons, cult clash, the missing genital parts of a lady and the sudden death of a journalist.
Why should all these happen at a time when the country is expecting her new leader? Don’t you think all these insurgencies are enough reasons to make us think twice and out of the box? Don’t you think it’s high time we think of the kind of leader to lead us? Don’t you also think its high time we vote for a visionary leader and not just a political leader?
Before I proceed for the sake of my lay readers, let me enlighten you on who a leader? A political leader a visionary leaders are.

A leader is someone who guides, leads and direct a group of persons or individuals towards a particular direction with the sole aim of achieving a desired goal.

A Political leader: Is one who leads and guide a group of persons in political or democratic system while .
A Visionary leader: Is someone not just anyone but one with strong vision of the future an intelligent risk taker, a strategic planer and s skilled communicator who leads, guide and direct a group of persons or individuals towards a particular direction with the sole aim of achieving a desired goal.

So who do we choose to lead us? A political leader or a visionary leader? I know you might be wondering “What’s the difference between the two, they are both leaders”.

Yes, sweetheart you’re right they are both leaders but different kind of leaders.
A visionary leader might be running or via to lead a political system through a political process but once given the opportunity to lead, he leads as a visionary leader not a as political leader, especially not as the way we view the politicians over here.

Most of us over here, view the politician or political leaders as group of selfish and greedy individuals who feed our ears with false manifestoes only to get into power and fill their pocket with the public purse.
A visionary leader is different from what you think of our politicians.

A true visionary leader doesn’t waist his time on false manifestoes, because he has a strong vision of the future, so he knows what the country and its’ citizen needs, he’s a great organizer so he knows how well to organize the citizen to produce what the country needs, he’s a strategic planner so no room for deficit spending or inflation of goods and services.

So who do we choose, a political leader or a visionary leader?

The Problem Is Not The Problem, The Problem Is You.

While the up coming election is near, you hear of rumors, murmurs and side talks. What actually is the problem? The citizen or the government? The political system or the constitution? The youth or the government?
The problem we’re facing isn’t the problem, the problem is us the youth. We waist so much energy complaining and sit down for a while when we’re given a token of money to call down.
Let’s have a look at this quote by Isaac Asimov

“Anti-Intectualism has been a constant thread winding it’s way through our political and cultural life nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that. “My ignorance’s just as good as your knowledge”

So many of our youth or citizen have allowed themselves wallowed by their own ignorance towards their rights, who to lead them and democracy . They feel so relaxed at the position which they are and only complain to inter-national bodies who have other issues to handle to come to their rescue. Our people or youth are really nonchalant of what our country is likely to be in the next eight years.

It marvel me at times when I see some of our youth unnecessary rioting, fighting and killing all in the name of “our rights” When they can’t even mention or list at least eight of their fundamental right from the constitution. They move about with flyers ranting and raving “we want this and we want that” when they don’t even know the privilege and right they’re entitle to enjoy from the constitution .
Fighting, rioting and killing each other after choosing the wrong leader and all in the name of freedom is it the best option?

Mahatmas Gandhi once said “What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or in the holy name of liberty or democracy”.

Take this from me “ if we don’t change our mindset now, a time might be when we might riot, fight and kill ignorantly and insanely all in the name of freedom and democracy only to find ourselves at last that we’re still at the same phase of democratic and political challenge with no difference but the death of citizen who probably can help the country some today”.

I wonder for how long will our youth keep allowing a group of boondoggles and deficit spending rule us, for how long will they keep being deceived by false manifestoes and political jingles. And for how long will the silent majority keep being mute toward important issues that can alter their life style.
“As a writer what bothers me is not what to write how to write, how to share my message and who to share it to but what bothers me most as a writer is the ability of my readers to put to practices what they have read.

An adage I once heard from childhood says “You can force a horse to the stream but you can’t force it to drink from it”.
I can’t force you dear readers to put into practice what you’ve read but believe me our world will be a better place if we can think about and put into practice what you’ve just read.

The next election is near and hear, it has open a door and an opportunity for us to choose the right leader “A visionary leader” one who can amend the mistakes the past government has made and move the country to a higher level.
Let’s not sell our conscience, rights and votes for somethings we might regret later.
This is the time for us to choose the right leader. A visionary leader and and not just a political leader.

Let’s not also forget this saying by —- Unknown

“Government is ourselves and not an alien power over us”.
Characteristics Of A Political Leader

If you can’t figure out who a true visionary leader is from the candidates, the following characteristics would help you find one. A visionary leader has these characteristics:
• He’s a chief organizer.
• A great risk taker.
• A strategic planer.
• Excellent communication skill
• Intensely focused and enthusiastic.

Look out for the candidates who has these qualities, you can know if they posses these qualities or not from their past and previous achievement and even when they debate.
Let’s give room for a visionary leader to lead while we watch the outcome of it.

Author: Ruth Lawrence

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