Clandestine | poetry

In the rinse of another grey day
unrolling before us like an empty film.
I want to scream out against
flat skies, tear up coarse air.

Another grey day gnawing
at me sounding metallic beats
putting me through its paces
with long lists of minutiae.

Acrid weariness crawls up spine.
shifting pain like broken shards
of glass cutting my fingertips.
My eyelids drooping shut.

Today marches forward…another
tin soldier knocking yesterday aside.
Each night coming faster, faster.
Winds blowing stronger, stronger.

Cats howl in cold circles as
ragged leaves cling to boughs.
Raindrops fall like black ink
under small pools of lights.

Darkness gathers close…
my shadow, that long black
silhouette slanting down
follows me into the long night.

Poem by Joan

Written By Joan McNerney
All right reserved 2019
Ray of Thought

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