Depressed Lagosians | Fiction

It was a sunny afternoon somewhere in Lagos. The cool breeze however, was a relief from the honking of car horns and loud jeering of hustlers.
The blaring of sirens from police patrol vans gradually drowned in the sea of coarse voices,throwing tantrums or dishing out orders.

A drama unfolded at one corner of the road. As usual with Lagos, an audience built up. “Yeeee!! ” “emi”, the Agbero boy bragged as he pulled off his shirt. Marks of incision stretched across his charcoal body.
“yuk!! ” she exclaimed withdrawing her gaze in a snap. “was he up to a magic trick or.. ” she thought. “Or probably…” she reckoned trying to appraise the scenario. She dismissed that thought and plodded on.

Quickly, as fast as her legs could go, she escaped the street. One preeminent achievement in Lagos was to walk past Ajegunle street with everything in your pockets and bags intact.
She took a left turn at island Junction and walked down Olamide street, throwing cautious steps ahead of the other.
“Iya Shade!!” she called repeatedly, just about the number of times she had knocked on the wooden door.

“Who is it?” a diminished voice came from within. Sounds of footsteps from within grew clearer with time until the door squeaked and flung open. A fat elderly woman stood in front of her with apology written on her face.
“Maami!” I wasnt aware you’re coming! She apologized.

It’s okay, I just want it a surprise.
After exchanging pleasantries and regards, the elderly woman noticed she wasn’t okay. Her eyes were red and popped,must have been the reason she had been avoiding eye contact.
suddenly,she paused and asked a question.
“You have been crying…your face has explained a lot !
…ki lon shele? She asked softly.
Iya Shade lowered her gaze trying to summon courage.
“Say only the truth!!”she commanded
Iya shade felt dumbfounded,she shook her head as if to shake away her state of melancholy. Tears were already rolling down her cheeks.

“Ma! Its Not been easy” she replied and started her story,how her husband came to be jobless and how depression had lured him into alcohol and other illicit behaviors.
“So you’ve have been keeping all this from me” .
“does he beat you ?..answer me, I’m your mother” — her voice was now going high, typical of her.

She lowered her gaze and went mute when her daughter would not say anything.
“Okay! where is he?” she said resignedly. Her voice had lost it’s authority to her emotions.
“He left for cafe to check his status for the jobs he applied online”
“Am sorry ma! I feel like its my prime,just like a cross I should carry it myself. ”

She shooked her head and start unboxing what she had brought for her.
At the door was her husband. He might have heard their discussions,quickly he turned and made for the other street like the world had crumbled on his back.
He dipped his hands into his pocket and walked speedily while he stopped at a point and made a sharp corner.

“Mama D two bottle of Zaz bitter medium size as usual Ahh beg”.
money…. Owo nko? She demanded and gesticulated with her hands scratching each other.
“I say as usual” he replied with a big grin customer!! customer!! He hail and disappear.
Exactly 30 minutes after,on the famous Lagos bridge,A young was found on the bridge barricade, facing the ocean.he kept talking to himself and chants in an unknown language.
This bitters always give me a pure German accent.
“Whattaf…whatta yu mafrewnd” He uttered and smile cheapeasily at the Bottle of gin.

At his back were gathered people urging and advising to stop the sucidal attempt,but it seemed he was too drunk and desperate to listen.”Poor soul!” somebody shouted.
Dont come any closer!! I need a break,only a nudge will do.
I’ll be out of this evill world,I’ll forget all” He shouted just about when he lost balance and started his fall into the sea. .He shut his eyes waiting for the ultimate.
‘Trin’ trin’ The sound of his phone woke his attention.

What! He hissed in dispise
He staggers left to right on the barricade. His eye glowed dimly,as the rummaged his pocket for his phone.
It was a message from his wife “…idiot just die and let me go back to Alhaji…RIP useless man”
He couldn’t believe his eyes the decided to turn maybe his wife was there watching him.

Accidentally he slip and fell…
yeee!!! Yeee!! He shouted with the whole of His mouth.
“Hey mister man, no dey shout for here joor”,everybody in the café brust into laughter.
It is all a dream

Author:Adebola Dolapo

All right reserved© 2019
Ray Of Thought

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