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ooQuestion is not who will conquer or win the war, it is, ‘who has beaten the drums of war?’
Question is not who has beaten the drums of war, it is, ‘who plays all the musical accompaniments?’

The flute players and horn blowers, the praise singers, the choreographers who design the dance steps of war.
Question is not who survives a war, it is, ‘who faces its aftermath?’
For nobody wins a war; war has no winner but only losers!

A war will have no end; neither will it have victor nor survivor?
Nobody survives a war; we all lost our collectivism and vision; we all die and lose or lose and die; for war begins with us and ends with us.
Our enemy is not who we fight on the battle field; it’s the big masquerades, the cannibals and bloodsuckers behind war scenes.
They start the war and leave us to fight alone and die in whole.
We lose treasures while they gain all, telling us they’ll help us fight terrorism;

Who then is the biggest terror looming over our lands, if not our enemies in guise of allies?

Think, think more, and think again, of what sense is a war?
War makes our women widows and turns our men widowers, cuts off our lineage and our children become orphans,
We are made destitute and become dangerously desolate in our own Motherland!
Should a prince be slaved in his father’s kingdom?
Or a princess be made maid in her queen mother’s chamber?

We win medals and trophies, but war we can’t win for war is neither sport nor game; war is war; it has no gain, only pain,
War break us, robs us of our integrity, dignity and unity; it leaves us unguarded and loose,
Like a whirling wind without direction, war leaves us aloof to our humanity.
Evil begets evil; war births war, more wars, and more deadly wars.

So we must war against war, for war is injustice set against justice.

No war is holy, none that’s not a folly; all wars are rooted in evil and more destructible than weevils.
Distress remains the wages all wars wedge against humanity; war conquers our joy
If we must fight any war, let’s then declare a war against war; for the best way to win a war is not to start it at all!

Author:UMELE, Austine Okopi

An aspiring author, creative writer and an ardent lover of African tales, ‘culture/tradition’.

All Right Reserved 2019

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