Extinction Is the Genesis of Evolution- A Poem By Scott Outlar

Crossing the bridge from distortion into silence

creates the electric hum of a new awakening.

If art is an unfolding rhythm then life must be a song in motion.

There are certain comparisons that never seem

to pop up on any quizzes or SAT questions in class.


I will grade true love on a scale of forgiveness.

I will slide with a smile until slipping through the veil of illusions.

I will spit in the river and witness all ripples.


Burning a drag of smoke with no filter

enlivens the flesh of wet lungs to breathe fresh oxygen.

If the bond is stronger than blood then first kisses are a quickening.

Squirrels naturally seek after fallen nuts near the tree

as deeply the mind digs its roots in for winter.


I will promise you less until the future delivers.

I will dance on this spot as the soil grows richer.

I will lick morning dew from the blades of your grass.


Watching leaves wither toward their inevitable extinction

pushes evolution’s theory to renew its efforts with vigor.

If God is but a dream then I’m happy now to slumber in peace.

Visions carry more weight with the yawning stars

when constellations crystalize in manifested hearts.


I will cherish your eyes when the sun hangs in solstice.

I will hold both your hands when the waves crash upon us.

I will never release from time’s wings as they flutter.



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