God’s Call |Flash Fiction

He stared sternly at her, as he recalled the numbers of different offices, the colors of different exits, the accents from different voices and the frustrations Lagos brought him.

It’s been eight years since he graduated from the University of Port Harcourt, and job hunting, but was never lucky. The dilapidated sole of his shoes can tell better the story of this struggle.

The checker behind the counter called him to consciousness with the news of the same old stories. “Sorry we have already hired”. Jide’s face went cold, his hands froze, his legs glued to the tiled floor. ” Why HIRING instead of HIRED?” He broke the silent silence as he walked towards the exit door. The idea of going back home was not very palatable, as the flashes of the Hell in a cage moment with her wife Eniola last night played back in his mind, it was a meal of hastily toasted verbal abuse, with scrambled exasperating words, served hot. She had ran out of the least patience reserved, as frustration held firm to their sleeves. “Who knows what today holds for me?”. He heaved silently.

Jide stood a meter away from his old rented bungalow calling out to his five years old daughter as always but unusual silence answered him, as his voice re-echoed. He made a Stealthy step as he tried to open the door, the room was empty, but for a bed and table. It dawned on him as the empty room welcomed his shocking sight.

Breeze from the window

The breeze creeping in from the other end of a tilted window blew a paper to his feet, – it was a note from his wife, and as he squat to read the first line, he lowered his head, as wild tears hunted his chins in quick succession, flowing like a blood without clott.

“You are a dunce Jide, a professional one at that, don’t come looking for me” you won’t find me! The stench of his failures roam the house with maggots crawling out. His legs could no longer carry him, he struggled for the floor as he wobble his palms searching for the surface while starring into empty space, slowly leaning his back on the wall. He tried to replay his life searching for the worst sin he has ever committed, to know why God would shut his face from him. Sorrow had dinner with his thoughts that night, and pain made his bed.

Jide slowly accepted his fate as a failure, he started to cultivate the habit of drinking, a bottle, two, dozen, and soon he was a mastery of all spirits and rums, and liquor lend him some culture.
“Nothing seem to be in my favor, I’ve lost it all” he kept repeating this line like a conviction he needed to cement his decision of embracing suicide.

That sunday, Jide had his full of this agony as he was woken by the knock from his landlord who handed him a quit notice. His rent was 6 months overdue, and every iota of hope was far fetched. He made himself tea with drops of xxx. He reached for his dairy and wrote to his wife and daughter. Inscriptions which drops of tears engulfed.
He placed the dairy on the top of the
wooden side table while he grabbed his cup of snipper tea lying sluggishly on the floor, the last tears took turns as he raised his hands towards his mouth, reciting his last prayers in his heart, just before he had a sip, his phone rang. His head was rebellious but his heart was sober and faint, he paused for a second, listened to his heart and to the phone which kept ringing over again. His hands crept steathly like a crocodile, it finally got to the location of his phone.
“Who could this unkown caller be?” Jide swiped the green icon and placed the phone on speaker, he was quiet, listening to the voice from the other end.

It was a female voice from one of the companies he sent his CV but never got a call for interview. ” please I’m I speaking with Jide Akafon?” He replied on impulse, but yet breaking voice Y..yes, “please I’m sorry I forgot to send your letter I’m calling from home, this is Human resource manager of Lilygates hotel, Lekki phase 1 Lagos. You are to to resume tomorrow, please send your location, your new driver will pick you up in the morning.


Your salary enumeration and job description as well as your letter of appointment awaits you at the office, congratulations!.” the call droped in unison with the sound of the broken glass of poisoned drink from Jide’s hands, He looked up speechless, he starred at the shattered glasses on the floor, a reminder beeped on his phone with a song, made a way by Travis Greene, sanity swept his mind in a hurry, he remembered it was his birthday, “so this is how I would have killed myself on my birthday even before my glory calls? He broke down in tears, “Forgive me lord, for thinking you were late, you were right on time!”

God’s call changed Jide’s life.
It can change yours.

© Ilami P Chinenye

Editor: Kufreabasi Job.

All Right© Reserved 2019
Ray Of Thought

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