Group Holds A Campaign Against Election Violence

The philosophy that the seeming glittering attraction of the villa nor the rich ingredient of the power tonic should not cause man to take arms against another drive a group of youths to start a campaign against election violence.

The campaign tagged, #votealive9ja was initiated by Nsidibe Orok(youth President of Ikot Ekop, Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria ) and later had the collaboration of Votenotfight campaign group of which he(Nsidibe Orok) became the state coordinator for the later .
The Votenotfight campaign is also sponsored by USAID,UKAID,Youngstars initiative and National Democratic Institute.

The campaign Started since 2015 and has long been targeted at the youths and political elites ,to give them orientation.
On 4th February 2019,was the National day of action for the Votenotfight campaign in Nigeria, the youths all over Nigeria went to the street to talk against bellicosity, the use political-thugs and violence during the forth- coming general election schedule to take place on 16th February.
The votenotfight campaign held also in Akwa-Ibom state and took place on 4th Feb. at Ibom plaza.The youths moved from Ibom Plaza to the police station wearing a customized polo with the Votenotfight inscription and banners to campaign election violence in the state.

According to Nsidibe Orok, the leader of the campaign team and representative of Akwa-Ibom State in the National Peace Walk, the campaign is to create a strong aversion against election violence amongst the youths. In giving exhortations during the campaign, he said;

‘Before any political party came to existence, the youths had already exist, before the forbearance of party A or B, Nigeria and Akwa-Ibom already existed and would still exist after any election. Take this message to our fellow youths and political fathers , tell them that we are not ready to kill ourselves in the forth- coming election

The group further sent a message to the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC) soliciting their support for a violence free election.

Votenotfight Campaign

The group has also asked that the police force remain neutral to the electoral process as shift of trust and confidence make the electorate taking arms.
The campaign was performed acta publica and motivated by the pure desire for a good democracy and a total no-life lost. It was comprised of youths from different parties .

The peace walk ended at the police state headquarter in Ikot Akpan Abia ,Uyo where the commissioner of police addressed the campaign group before the press, promising all Nigerians that the police force will do everything to ensure peace during the election and after the election.

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