How Can I Do Better In School ?|Opinion

Take this illustration.
Assuming you’re trapped in a dark jungle. Surrounded by thick cover vegetation, you can barely move. What must you do to escape?
To escape you must cut your way through with a machete.

Many would say that the experience of school is similar to this illustration.
After all you’re trapped all day in the classroom and hemmed in at night by multiple of homework. Is that how u also feel?
with a proper tools you’re able to clear ur path through the jungle.

What are these tools you need in school?

Tool one:Good attitude toward learning

Tool1 :Read

It’s hard to be motivated to do well in school if you have a negative view of learning.

So try to see the big future ahead of you in a picture

Tool2;A positive view of your abilities

School can reveal your ability
School can reveal your ability

School can help reveal your hidden talents. Nevertheless the talents you have are unique to you.
School can help you to discover and nurture abilities that you never knew you had

Tool3;Good study abilities

Good Study Ability
Good Study Ability

There is not shortcut to success in school,also the shortest route not always the quickest. Sooner or later you have to study.

To cultivate good study habits,you need to organize your time

Tips for study

*Find a study area
*Set priorities
*Don’t procrastinate
*Have a plan
*Take breaks when u lose focus
*Have confidence in your self
#Think about this
*What kind of study schedule will work for me
*Why should you apply yourself to your study in school
*In your home, where is the best place for u to study
##How do you see this helpful or not

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