How Trouble Grows By Joan McNerney

Trouble is patient
hiding around corners.
creeping through shadows
entering without a sound.

It starts as a seed blown
by careless winds and
covers your garden with
foul brackish weeds.

Or sparks from a match
spread over fertile ground
becoming flames speeding
through the long night.

Trouble knows where you live.
You cannot hide from it.
Gaining a foothold, growing
fat feeding on your flesh.

Watch how trouble grows
inch by inch, molecule
by molecule coursing
through your veins.

Trouble begins as a whisper
day by day growing louder.
Now your heart beat becomes
a thumping drum.

Soon you will forget
there was a time
when trouble was
not at your side.

How Trouble grows

Author :
Joan McNerney
Alright reserved ©2019
Ray Of Thought
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