Nigeria’s Socioeconomic And Political Complications:The Way Forward

It is only the unconscious mind that will still believe that things are okay in this country!
It is either Fulani herdsmen, cattle rustlers, bandits, kidnappers,armed robbers,highway operators, sea pirates ,bokoharam,Shiite,IPOB,Niger Delta militancy, cybercrimine, communal crisis,religious tumultuousness or taciturn and almost a dictatorship government that gives no ears to the cries of her citizens who does these based on the principles of social justice and democracy (sec 14(1) of the 1999 constitution of the FRN), the kakistocratic government!

Not only have these recurring waves of social anomie and deviances threatened the lives and properties of the citizens but have clearly shown the extent to which Nigerian leadership have made her a failed state!
Yes a failed state that is still struggling with security challenges, watching like a toothless dog the daily massacre and bloodlettings of her citizens and acting barbarically to issues that have democratic backings! For Christ’s sake what is treasonable felony doing in the case of Sowore?

It is saddened to know that over six decades since our independent nationhood our existence as one indivisible and indissoluble sovereign nation has never been realised! No sooner had this shocked got hold of me than I discovered that Borno state ravaged by Bokoharam for almost a decade is a home of peace. Hmm,what an odium!
It is a crystal clear that virtually in all the six geopolitical regions in the country there exist social ills…. Bokoharam from the Northeast, Niger Delta militancy in the south, IPOB in the East, Fulani herdsmen in the middle belt, pirates in the riverine areas and same forces of kidnapping and herdsmen in the West… This is worrisome as anything can happen to anybody, anytime, anywhere and anyhow as these forces does not care whether is a church or mosque, a school or hospital not even to talk of a market place!

Our economic status is worsening everyday with more than have of the populace living below the standard of living and depending on a daily dollar or nothing. This is evident to what is seen on streets ,bridges and uncompleted buildings harbouring and sheltering lives.

Educational sector have even failed to mould the minds of young Nigerians towards national integration and development!
Countless children who are of the school age are roaming streets with no hope of the feature!

Poor infrastructural development is another challenge facing our nation manifesting in bad roads dilapidated buildings etc!

Somnambulistic power supply!

Religious bigotry, tribal and ethnic sentiments have taken over unity and merits!
Avarice and corruption have gotten hold of even distribution of income and resources and are seriously pouncing blows on them mercilessly.
Unemployment rate is no longer a threat to the country’s security but have accounted for many other threats!
Poor working conditions of services is another national maladministration!
Poor health facilities…is another national challenge!

The list of these ills continue ad infinitum.
It is only the question of time of how many of these multiplying socioeconomic and political complications can the Nigerian state afford to tackle?

This is the time for the government to turn the tide and deliver better lives to Nigerian citizens if our unity is to be secured as one indivisible and indissoluble sovereign nation as rightly opined by Farrar and Dugdale in conferral of social benefit technique of social control!
All hands must be on deck to achieve this. It is an inclusive job for both the citizens and government machineries!

First being patriotic to Nigeria is our first call and I firmly believed a patriotic Nigerian we never think of siphoning and looting the resources meant for her development or threaten her peace and security. So let’s be patriotic!

Religious clerics should preach the good news of peace and unity not stilling up violence and sentiments for we are all sons of Adam!

Government should be proactive and workable!
Should provide for the security of her citizens, wage off external aggression and be committed to inclusive national development!
Provide good conditions of services for her workers and create more jobs for her citizens!
Should create enabling environment for innovative and entrepreneurship development and independent businesses but under the scrutiny of her agencies!
More attention should be given to creative minds and favourable educational arrangements be made for all children!

Any group threatening Nigerian territorial integrity and unity not minding whether religious or secular should be dealt with decisively if after much consultations and amicable grounds are given to their demands but yield no effect!
Health sector should be improved for health is wealth!

I hope if these steps are taken dogmatically and keenly a favourable Nigeria will be secured to accommodate us peacefully!

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