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Spacedock | Science fiction

Steve Henry was all buttoned up in a zero-atmosphere, zero-gravity suits, complete with button down helmet, on candle liftoff, that morning. Had plenty [...]

A Farmer And The Nature |Story

African Girl Child, Episode2

The African Girl Child | Fiction

Two Legged |Fiction

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  The Good Samaritan Law (hereinafter referred to as GSL) can be said to have evolved from the biblical story in Luke 10:25-37 where Jesus Christ narrated a parable of


Africa boasts of many things: seas, rivers, solid minerals, human power, climate, culture, tradition, tourism and so on. Many times, and quite true indeed, the media has presented the other

Scientist Reveals Why The Moon Keep Flashing Us

The transient luminous lunar phenomenon also known as moon flashing occurs several times a week and is observed to illuminate some parts of the moon’s landscape for a period of

The Admissibility Of Electronically Generated Evidence In Nigeria

Prior to the advent of the Evidence Act, 2011 the statutory enactment that regulates the law of evidence in the Nigerian judiciary and administration of justice, recourse had always been

Story Of The First Female Physics Professor In Africa

The terrain of science and physics particularly has always been perceived by many as a path to be treaded only by angels. The principles of physics and her philosophies thereof

Night Garden |Flash Fiction

Winds rocked the sycamore tree. Had the same God who formed this sycamore created that cancer her mother died of? It had been one year...a year to this date when

Beginners Guide To Script Writing | Part One

Hey guys, welcome to the script writing outline. If you are reading this, it's because you have passion for creative writing and want to hone your skill. It could also

Learning Poetry | Part two

On Editing Let loose with a first draft and capture the essence of the poem. Refine with an eagle’s eye. Above all, make sure the grammar and spelling are correct.

Learning How To Write Poetry | Part one

Firstly, it’s important to offer a disclaimer here at the outset. Any advice I have to give should be taken with healthy skepticism. I’d suggest that this is a solid


If you were praying for an idea that will help give your business a paradigm shift from a relatively small gain to a dancing gain then you have reached the

The Shifting Poles

Welcome to the Apocalypse. Armageddon spills across the sky in the form of a hazy mushroom cloud. This is the Day of Death. A thousand brutal cuts to the atmosphere

The Man Called Prof.Itse Sagay| Biography

In the philosophical saying of a great writer, some are born great, some acquired greatness and some have greatness entrusted in them. While aligning with this philosophical saying, I see