Eleventh Hour | Poetry

February 28, 2019 David 1

Wrapped in darkness we can no longer deceive ourselves. Our smiling masks float away. We snake here, there from one side to another. How many times do we rip off blankets only to claw more on? Listening to zzzzzz of traffic, mumble of freight trains, fog horns. Listening to wheezing, […]

Chewing The Cud

February 22, 2019 David 0

There is nothing (compares to you) quite like that moment when you’re walking through the park and happen upon a spot where a group of goats are chewing the cud in a nearby field. If the one o’clock sun is shining down in all its glory to help mitigate the […]

Choosing The Right Leader

February 21, 2019 David 1

Choosing The Right Leader The next election is on it’s way, knocking so hard on the door that anyone can hardly concentrate on any other thing but the up coming election. The rural are looking forward to how much they can get from the candidates before voting, the urbans are […]

Group Holds A Campaign Against Election Violence

February 13, 2019 David 0

The philosophy that the seeming glittering attraction of the villa nor the rich ingredient of the power tonic should not cause man to take arms against another drive a group of youths to start a campaign against election violence. The campaign tagged, #votealive9ja was initiated by Nsidibe Orok(youth President of […]

African Girl Child, Episode2

February 13, 2019 Shedrach Esin 0

Episode Two Early in the morning, after Nnenna and her children had taken their birth and had their break fast. Nnenna put Ada-ora to bed for siesta. “Nne” Ndidi called her to the passage “yes” Nnenna replied “What did you say that happened in the village, that made you to […]

Groups Donate Desk To Primary School Pupils(Situation Report)

February 3, 2019 David 2

After many years of negligence, the pupils of St. Theresa’s primary school,Okobo, received uncommon support from groups who thought it ludicrous to allow a standard school which under it aegis, elites dead and alive have been produced, to plunge into abeyance. The school located at Okopedi, Okobo, Akwa-Ibom State,Nigeria, remain […]

Ways Ladies Handle Depression

February 3, 2019 David 0

Ladies at one time or the other will be required to play many roles in life; Mother, wife, friend, caregiver and so on. The complexity of these roles can lead to ups and downs throughout life. Mood swings come as a result of arguments with friends, hormonal imbalance caused by […]

Apple Of Discord |short poem

February 3, 2019 David 0

Apunanwu sits opposite the knife block drinking, she Breaks the Hennessey bottle, takes a shard and stabs into her arm Coruscating blood flows out like a river ‘ Debare, you’re a fool,’ she says Exhaling, inhaling, she puffs out a smoke Friday’s Kitchen was where they met Gratified yet sipping […]

The African Girl Child | Fiction

February 3, 2019 Shedrach Esin 1

There was a shriek in the inn, then the cry of a child. Eze Ndika rushes into the Inn. “what has my wife given birth?” to he asked. “A child, Eze Ndika”. said the mid-wife giving the wrapped child to Ndika. Taking the child in his arms, Ndika looked at […]