DEPRIVATION By Stanley Hockenschmidt

November 28, 2018 David 0

Dolly was a fixture around here forever and a day, losing her husband to the eventuality of his old age sometime ago. They were a loved a respected old couple who had quite the story to tell and neither of them is around to remind me of its particulars any […]

Art Of Flattery By Sahjahan Ali Ahmed

November 27, 2018 David 0

Flattery is often a disgraceful art like flirting , Where you pretend to love a lady without loving. To get a hidden agenda accomplished by any route , The crooked mind resort to flattery by his words sweet . Remember how heinous  Cassius flattered Brutus And added in his gang […]

THOUGHT By Sahjahan Ali Ahmed

November 27, 2018 David 0

Your thoughts are your true masters, May bring you either joys or disasters . Always think big and think  genuine , Your reward surely will never give pain . Ill thoughts are like thorns of terror Pinch your guilty mind with horror . And chase you even in your dream […]

HUMANISM By Sahjahan Ali Ahmed

November 27, 2018 David 0

An intense feeling to do or die for man , Not just in words but in the  real   sense. To see man as human not on religion Language ,caste, creed, colour or nation, It’s a feeling to move with hand in hand In terms of Justice among all human . […]

My African Man By Whyte Queen

November 27, 2018 David 0

I feel it in the windy night en-kindled by orangish kerosene lamps- the fireflies adding leathery bumps to my abdomen. It feels like a galactic twilight; your eyes sedating my epicenter. But how could a girl say that which is a taboo to be said? Those three magical words believed […]

My Timeline By Matt Pollock

November 27, 2018 David 0

Not much in my life is clearer than this moment. I had lost my job. My marriage had failed. I was drinking everyday. And not just a few beers but literally writing myself off. I was doing some seriously dumb and dangerous things. You could say I was permanently living […]

The Evil You Do

November 27, 2018 David 0

Once upon a time, in a town called Ibereko. There lived a woman by the name Adunni. She had been married for eight years without any issue (child). Her husband loved her so much that any time she is moody, he talks to her, calms her, encourages her. “God’s time […]

A Century By Tydale Bassey

November 27, 2018 David 0

What we have now are dolls, not tools. Cans, not towns. Spillages, not villages. Towering trees, not territories… In a place where we want to survive. Kids bred in greed; Boys born to beg; Girls groomed with guts; And parents presented as preys To the children who want to live […]

A Popular Nigerian That I Consider Self-actualized By Daphne Chiamaka

November 27, 2018 David 2

Self-actualization occurs when a person utilizes his/her potentials, doing the best that you are capable of doing. It is a fulfilled desire of a person who has struggled to maximize his/her talents. There are certain characteristics that self-actualized people display. It takes a lot of diligent efforts before a person […]