Procrastination vs Progression-By Ilami Chinenye|Article

Procrastination is the act of postposing, delaying or putting off especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.
I was supposed to study in the evening but I lay on the couch for hours like I was stricken with the deadly disease “LATER and NOT NOW”, shits staring at me with that look of disappointment.
Quite pathetic!
Hence i call procrastination a murderer, a shatterer of dreams.

Procrastination is a challenge that stares us in the face, looks us in the eye, from the moment we wake to the times we dream at night.
We, humans, have overtime excelled in the beautiful art of procrastination, as we knowingly or unknowingly teach it to the newer generations to teach the next ones.
We skilfully avoid what we should attend to and attend to what we shouldn’t.

During our productive moments, I call it the outstreched arms of progression, when we temporarily figure out how to stop procrastinating, we feel satisfied and accomplished, like having a quick morning bath as temporal solution for a filthy body.

By progression, I mean the act of advancing, moving from one level to another level. It was a thing of laying on the couch for hours, without staring shits
That was the old deal
The new deal? I do shits for hours, couch’s getting jealous at my found love for studying instead of laying and wasting time.
Hence i call Progression the dawn of a new dawn.

It’s not an easy thing to overcome, it’s fun, real fun
I used to procrastinate all the times, never getting things done
Always looking for answers on the internet but nothing worked long term
The guilt of wasted time became as familiar as the stench of my unwashed body when I’m too lazy to bath.

I’m really a rotten reader, the worst in all the class
The sort of rotten reader, that makes you want to laugh.
Pronouncing words in awful manners
Like the L.A.T.E = Late for La-Te
Always postponing and lazying, never learning.