Rest In Times Of Trouble

Research proves that human beings think about 6,000 times a day. This mean the brain is in the state of inertia(Continuous motion).However, since the brain cannot be at the state of absolute rest,we need to be able to control our thought so we can have some rest in times of troubles.
Let’s look at ‘rest’ as it relates to the topic in this two propositions ;
1. Thinking of possible solutions not your troubles when you are in trouble
2. Not taking hasty decisions

Now, let’s look at the world inventors and how that they carry the world’s burden(troubles),they do not rest(sleep) but the amazing thing is that the task which their minds are completely absorbed in,is getting possible solutions to our troubles.

This intense concentration Sparks all kinds of ideas. They are impelled to get something done that has a practical effect. I like to say that they had ‘Eureka moments’.They got an eureka moment because they did not focus their mind on discussing problems alone, but they did concentrate more on finding possible solutions.

Let’s see the big secret

like poles attract like poles

When you think about your troubles and not possible solutions to your troubles, you will only attract many more troubles. What this law says is that assuming I owe someone,I should not think about the debt rather I should think about doing something extra that’ll give me more income to clear my debt.

Our minds are suddenly exposed to new details and ideas when we stop flitting here and there in a state of perpetual distractions but focus and penetrate to the core of something real.

2. Rest as in “Not taking hasty decisions
Throughout history,men and women have felt trapped by the limitations of their consciousness,by their lack of contact with reality and the power to affect the world around them. They have sought all kinds of shortcuts in the form of magic rituals, incantations,gossips and drugs.
The solution these shortcuts may bring is quite ephermeral, sometimes comes by chance.

A mere change of attitude will attract the right energy.

Let’s say in a religious way that The trouble we face in today’s world emanates from the decision Sarah took hastily when she and her husband faced with the trouble of not having a child. This story is not new to Christians and in fact, it is often linked the reasons christians and Muslims fight everyday.

In Job’s case, Job rested when he was faced with troubles. Job refused to listen to his wife and his friends. He rested from gossips and shortcuts. The entire universe and the controller of the Universe (God) connects to our thoughts.

We possess a latent power within us all

We should think right in the time of troubl. This we do by focusing out mind on the solution and not the situation.

Written By Etieno Nkereuwem Etuk
All right reserved © 2019

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