Rest Not Suicide

Rest Not Suicide

When in idle thoughts we stray
and in vain quest we lay
as our fantasy roam in multiples
and feelings lost in life’s dribbles
pray what solace tarries in suicide
and what consolation abides in death?
though life as a swing and pendulum be
tossing us like rudderless ships adrift at sea

we shall our fears embrace
and our tears with the kerchief of hope erase
till in delightful pleasure we find rest
though life puts us through telling litmus test
we shall only pause and rest
not take a note and quit

The paths may not always without acute bends be
nor in smoothen shell takes its deal
though pains and toils we’re meant to feel
and tears we shed for betrayal and hail
yet we are hopeful of the rising north star
though our feeble minds be parched with haunting scars
and our much efforts yield little fruition
we shall not faint in hope nor lie in delusion

for though we be trapped in the quagmire of versified troubles
yet we shall quag a mire to reap the tides in doubles
our paths may be leaden with smarting pains and masked friends
but our strength shall not fade and wane
when our souls are fatigued out of life’s vanities
we shall pause and rest
and not in suicide coats be dressed

Written By Loveday Mcjolly

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