Sound and Form- By Scott Thomas Outlar |Opinion

Words are fire erupting from the blood, a volcano amplifying in the mind, an explosion from unknown subconscious realms that sends the psyche spinning in a swirl toward new ideas.

Words are the garden of Eden, the tree under which the Buddha sat in silence, the lotus that grew from Vishnu’s navel, the path of Tao, the power of every mystery experienced internally that finally finds expression in the world through language.

Words are crushing blows dealt to the heart when love is not enough, the ecstatic euphoria when romance is born anew, the quiet contemplation and meditation during moments in between.

Words are the resonance of primal emotions that reverberate through auditoriums, amphitheaters, classrooms, bookstores, sound stages, open lots, attics, and basements around the world wherever poetry is being recited.

Words are birth and death and yawning graves that call for the mortal flesh to return to its original state of dust. Words are the urn where your father’s ashes rest, the open seas where ships sail in spite of fear, the high skies where planes carry passengers to reunite with family members that haven’t been seen in ages.

Words are the first breath that escapes lungs as a baby is spit forth from the womb, the sacrificial wound, the last gasp that escapes a chest riddled with cancer. Words are angels and demons and Satan and God.

Words are the sighs between silk sheets as sweat pours in the steamy night, the fever dream visions of madness, the hallucinations of shamans in the forest as they recite prayers to mother nature.

Words are the simple truth of connection shared with our friends, the venom spewed from our enemies’ fangs, the indifference shown toward those who are shunned from our presence, the embrace of all those we soon shall meet in the future.

Words are electric neon pulse rays, vibrant prisms made manifest through mere thought, ideas passed down through generations, ancestral DNA decoded and unleashed upon a sleeping species.

Words are renaissance and revolution and rebirth through the grace of absolution. Words are salvation experienced in the split of a single second, the shattering of an atom, the mission to space, the galactic Big Bang.

Words are the dialogue performed by two individuals to describe the perfect union of complete Oneness realized when we eventually return to the source before being cast once more from the womb.

Words are karma and fate and faith and destiny and free-will choice and determinism and science and religion and philosophy and spirituality.

Words are shape and form and sound and color and kaleidoscopic spirals of kinetic energy. Words are multiplied and triangulated and exponentially evolving into whatever utterance we humans create next to bring this existential paradox of life out of the swirling chaos and into a singular order of higher light.

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