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Steve Henry was all buttoned up in a zero-atmosphere, zero-gravity suits, complete with button down helmet, on candle liftoff, that morning. Had plenty of o2 for the trip to spacedock. Liftoff was a rush, as he expected and he took plenty precaution to make himself comfortable, lay prone on the suit pad for takeoff. Zero-atmosphere padding was plenty to absorb most of the Gs.

Spacedock by George Geisinger
Spacedock by George Geisinger

Steve had a buddy in enough cahoots with him, to help him into the suit.

One needs help to achieve the mounting of a zero-atmosphere, zero-gravity suit and then help to dismount one. They can also work in space with them on.

There were those who didn’t do anything but that. There were people on the ground, at National Aeronautics all the time, who desperately wanted to get off the planet riding a candle to spacedock. They hadn’t the pluck.
A National Aeronautics professional, Steve Henry could tell the candle he rode was burning a little hot. The candle was hot to adjust for the 175 lb body weight. He was not authorized to take this liberty, jumping for spacedock from the surface. He worked National Aeronautics just long enough to get the bug to be out of there, so he took the advantage and went into space on a lark.
So they fired ambition? Hypocrites.
When his application was turned down, he went anyway. Ambition was ordinarily rewarded at National Aeronautics. They could just reward him. Anybody who walked past the white suits had no idea Steve Henry was dressed in one. That was the beauty of it. Steve was protected from the absences inherent in space travel and from easy detection at once. The jump went fine.

Docking complete, Steve found he was unable to sit up in the suit and had to make some noise to get the crew’s attention. They came laughing, telling him they knew of an unauthorized human presence on the candle. They were relieved to see he wasn’t a monster. Then they teased him about leaving him situate in the suit, the usual actions and reactions, to annoy him.
He knew they weren’t going to give him a million dollar suit, so he just took the jibe. There was a jitterbug docked at the moment and Steve Henry wanted a seat. The only means of exchange he had was debt and they gave him a deal on 28% on about three jumps through hyperspace. He was to be one of the stewards on board, serving drinks and confections to passengers.

A jitterbug was a full-sized spacebus, accommodating a major contingent of pilgrims from a variety of environments. Besides the latest in comforts, this jitterbug was equipped with moderate propulsion. It’ll get you where you’re going in plenty of time.
If not three jumps, then five.
They were doing routine patrol and not much jumps, so Steve Henry was likely to be relieved of his obligation sooner than he expected. The time value of money is a common exchange throughout the universe. Forms of exchange are dissimilar and therefore add/subtract is common. Get hired/borrow against wages. Goods/services are figured in the exchange process.
He didn’t mind steward work for a time, after having done so with an airline. It wasn’t like working on spacecraft, the way he’d been doing, but it was just that, in a different sense. It gave the young man a chance to stretch his legs. What’s more was, he was permitted to represent Aeronautics, on the UFP starship, instead of going to jail, which he thought was a good deal.

They might have been idly threatening him, just to keep him from hopping anymore candles, from ground to spacedock, whenever he got the notion again, in the future, since he’d done it once. He memorized sounds of orders and didn’t attempt to translate them. Translations were the bartender’s job. Spending little and earning much was Steve’s idea of how to win the game.

Like the myriad of languages aboard ships, the astronomical layouts of star systems throughout the galaxy around him, were someone else’s affair, to have to know such wonders for themselves. To get home, Steve Henry need only to ask for National Aeronautics spacedock and upon arrival, need await a ship to take him to the surface, which might take him a little bit of doing.

Steve Henry got to talk to a Hank Roe, on a flight of the jitterbug where Steve worked and Hank had something interesting to say. There’s a business running parcels out of one of the spacedocks he knew about, not far away and you didn’t need a positive credit score to get started.
Pay’s pretty good and you get to see a lot of interesting stuff doing delivery. It’s interesting using a time value of money system, because nobody cares whether you’re in the red or black, when you want to make major changes in your life. They want you to pay on your balance.
When they got into one of the bigger spacedocks, in the star system Hank was talking about, Hank took Steve to get a space truck. Flying the thing was not any different from flying the dummy for fledgling pilots, at Canaveral. A galactic parcel delivery system, it even had GPS.
It was almost like driving a step van back home, only this was space. Steve liked it, because he was at the controls and got to know a whole star system. Continuing to marvel at the entire setup of civilizations already in existence and National Aeronautics only had one toehold.

The two men worked together for awhile, learning an entire route, then Hank Roe went off into his own orbit again and Steve Henry worked the route he knew. The work was pretty routine, but now and then, one had to worry about Outworlder, who were the bandits, on his route.
They would fleece his payload and Steve would have to deliver fleeced packages. It was a real drag. Outworlder did have weapons, but Steve was harmless and just remained harmless. After so many boxes of not doing much of anything, Outworlder just gave up and moved on.
It was something Hank Roe said to Steve Henry once, kept reverberating in Henry’s thoughts. He couldn’t figure it, because the other man was always such a friend to him. He didn’t understand. Earth is an Outworld, which made Steve Henry an Outworlder, plain and simple.
An Outworlder is a wild man from an untamed wilderness, of unknown possibilities or extra insinuations. An Outworlder takes without giving, flies in the face of the concept of the Time Value of Money, of compound interest, of maintaining a balance of a debt-income ratio.
Everything everyone despises is become, in the concept of an Outworlder. From unlawful substances to the absolute extreme, which is a capitalist, a materialist: these are embodied in an Outworlder. They take you, break you, make you, destroy you and effortlessly.
Your worth, value, integrity and honor: all squandered on an Outworlder.
The system and substance of the entire galaxy, ye the universe itself, is that everyone and everything has it’s own worth and value and we all openly and confidently invest our substance, worth and ourselves in that intrinsic value, until it gives and invests in us in return.
Hank Roe said or insinuated each one of these things in one way or another, to the sensibility of S Henry, and S Henry was insulted, instead of humbled. Hank Roe had altered the course of S Henry’s life, for the better and it never occurred to S Henry to reciprocate in the slightest.

They had worked together as partners for quite sometime and when it became clear S Henry was an Outworlder, like the reputation of the planet he came from, that it said he was, well, Hank Roe walking away entirely empty handed, when the investment returned to him void.

Trying to spacedock, he found it to be an impossibility. His mind was swimming far too much to perform the delicate maneuver. Steve Henry just couldn’t dock the boat no matter how he tried. He must have been really sick. They had to send their own pilot over, in a zero-atmosphere suit, to do his parking for him and they found he was in desperate need of medical attention.
Quarantined to his boat, he had the help of a medical person there. It was a lousy time to get sick, with his whole balance sheet in the red and half a cargo bay full of deliveries to make. Couldn’t help it though, with a high fever and needing to drift off to sleep all the time.

Found to have double pneumonia and infectious bronchitis, he took to his bed like a duck to water. The medical person came by now and then, to monitor vitals and change the IV. He had an IV of fluids and another of antibiotics every four to six hours. He lay and sweat.
S Henry was a sick pup. He foundered, while the compliment of the spacedock stayed as far away from him as they could get. He dreamed nonsense about playing with trees, the way one does as a child. His mind was building pyramids of ants on nothing more than mud.
He couldn’t help wondering how his parents were doing. There were contractors who were taking down too many trees where he grew up and there was going to be a shortage of o2 on the planet soon. Fossil fuel was a problem on his planet and there were too many cars.
There was still plenty of atmosphere, but not the right chemical compound. Oxygen was leeching from the Ozone at a frightful rate. It was thin air, with not enough substance for people to breathe. Plus they cut down oxygen producers, which made no sense at all.
It was all a useless chasing after the wind, with one more facet of the many things happening light-years away, on an old, Outworlder planet. It had only recently established, the most basic of spacedock systems and was just beginning to interact with the greater galaxy.
From all he could tell, there were a lot of different lifeforms, doing a lot of crazy stuff, to a lot of vulnerable planets, all over the galaxy. Earth wasn’t alone in the systematic destruction of its own natural life-support systems on its own world. Existence is self-destructive.

S Henry was become the most noble conservationist of them all, writhing among sweaty sheets and filthy blankets, securing multiple ecosystems on multiple planets at the same time, while there was no one to take notice of anything whatsoever he believed he did, in all creation.

S Henry was not laid up for a few days, but for weeks running and had no strength to devote to anything for the longest time. He didn’t know one thing from another, but there were several medical people looking after him. His health continued to evade him and the man wandered in the dark places in his mind and thinking, for the longest time, well after the better part of a month.
Whose benefit was it, that the man lingered in la-la land, long after it was considered he would be back to duty? The fact was, he continued to founder into the long hours of night.
There was a whole team of computer specialists signed on to straighten out was the on-board digital systems at the spacedock, while Steve was convalescing there. In no time, they had everything squared away. Finally there was a spark of strength to him. It was the strongest he was known to have been in the better part of a month. The dreams left him and he was himself again.

Steve was on the mend after quite awhile and taking turns on the treadmill at the spacedock while he was recuperating, worked at retrieving his stamina. Some of his notes began catching up with him in the mails and began paying him some of what he was expecting.

This is the big way the delivery driver began to get ahead in life.
He was financing various space-bound vehicles, through some of the used vehicle sales market, on an interest over time basis. Itinerants like Steve rented out mailboxes at spacedocks and his contracts for payment started rolling in like waves breaking on shores.
There were still those who preferred to do business in real-time and having physical mailboxes facilitated this sort of venture real-time. These people were not entirely trusting of computer dealings, since it was feasible to be able to track internet commerce digitally.
Notebrokers did very well devoting the balance of his note income, to his overall debt-income ratio, until he pulled himself out into the black on the major chart again. The driver got strong enough to go back to work physically and went to sub-light with shipping.
At this point, the man had a little of what he called capital and speculated in more vehicles and land for sale. S Henry compounded this process, turning liabilities into assets right and left. People are forthright, by enlarge and make good on whatever notes they endorse.

S Henry kept careful watch, as monthly checks kept schedule and rolled in, time after time, building an empire few people new anything about. He kept meticulous records and watched as his empire grow and grow into something substantial, by his estimation.
Used space vehicle lots are about like used car or used boat lots. There’s a collection up for sale and one is free to invest in resale, which is somewhat of a high roller thing to do, but there’s no law against it. The speculator then discusses terms with his salesman.
The salesman becomes the speculator’s sales representative for a predetermined amounts of commission. S Henry brought the technique to space from Planet Earth. It’s an Outworlder thing to do. S Henry was lining his pockets with his good fortune in all he did.

Some grew in the lap of luxury and all was freely given and provided. This was part of a life of luxury, since childhood and was almost forever thereafter. One was conditioned to avoid thinking of reciprocating or being a mutual part of anything. The thought was improper.
It was required of us to accept the lap of luxury with grace and charm, not sniveling or groveling, as is suggested by such as you. It is our station to accept opulent giving modestly and graciously, without the slightest obtuse sense of presumption or supposition.

We must surrender to the greatest financial generosity, just as we must surrender to never, not even once, having the unspoken need of our psyche, or the subtlety of our hearts, not in the slightest nurtured or cared for in all this utter and complete opulence and false dignity.
This was our lot, to dine on the finest, most exquisite, while our spirits thirsted in a desert of complete deprivation. We mustn’t dare suggest the least of our great need, which is only an ingratitude in the face of unbridled generosity. Throw money at it, was always the way.
Behold our harmlessness, but take your impropriety and keep the sentiment of your unkindness to yourselves. We are the aristocracy, well positioned and well bred. We will not suffer you lording platitudes on your betters, in any of these not so circuitous circumstances.

You have your nerve right with you, to expect such as we to humor you, with the vile nature of your scourge of ill-nurtured platitudes, leveled at your definite betters. Dare to belittle the likes of us, when it is your very station, your utter lot in life, to be nothing but the best.
It was confusing to know the best of all and everything, when there was never any lack in anything at all. Then to wander empty streets down, past the shop displays. Finding the epicenter of an even darker night, passed a youthful blast of a sh-room. You knew a death.
Where is the daytime, when the moment is always in the night and none of the people there, speak the same as your most basic tongue? What sort of world is it, where love is not in the slightest bit spoken? How is the simplest concept suddenly ‘come entirely impossible?
We’ve all become too completely unsettling in our dire outrageousness. There was a place which delved down deep inside, where the shadow was known to be. The air went there and there again, until it was I who was going, or the air and I were going there only.

It is a process inside of me which does not stop itself, not that I complain, but the air and I are well acquainted with each other. I am to stop doing things, while I’m creative, so I can do as I don’t feel like doing. No one knows how much time I spent in a state of not doing.
People only associate, when they don’t know why to gather. I’m beginning to give up the indefatigable chase of forging fresh words from the daily kiln. To settle into the tolerable night, wondering at the reasons between the both of us? There must be reasons.

It’s unnerving to be upheld, but no one got hurt. It was the noble, lost art of honor among thieves. More should adopt that gratitude. Only the threat was extended, which gave Outworlder choosing rights on a payload. Steve figured he didn’t have anything worth a life.
Anyway, delivery gave S Henry a sense of a nice little bit of liberty, a little self-determination to stretch his legs into. The man enjoyed it and was grateful for the chance meeting with Hank Roe at the jitterbug job. His change of lifestyle gave S Henry a feel for some real liberty.
He enjoyed the feeling, as much as he did, when he bought a new car, when he was 24. He liked to fly between spacedocks and think about having that new car, back when he was a young buck. It was on a planet surface, though and all of this was from spacedock to spacedock.
S Henry was certainly and definitely out among stars. He knew almost every spacedock there was in the entire star system and it made a man feel tall and strong. He was working in the black by this time and the man was trying to figure a way to expand his frame of reference.
The man had a different frame of reference toward life than most young men do, as if the whole lot of them are simply unimportant and of no consequence to a man. There was some other subject on S Henry’s mind and that was to be continuing to increase his status in the black.

S Henry studied securities and other investment vehicles exhaustively and did a lot to compound of his holdings. He could not have said why this fascination was as it was, he only knew that solitary idea of his was focus. He had to win at The Time Value of Money.
Mathematically astute, S Henry understood Galactic investment few other people knew and he used his knowledge to have his resources compound admirably. Private doors opened for S Henry which opened for few others, yet he had no greater share with anyone to leave.

To be old, and have scraped together quite a little bit, does something to the bereft of kin. Think to keep an eye out for some kind of beneficiary, which can materialize sooner than you might expect. There’s always the bimbo market one is going to learn about, if he lives long enough.
Maybe you just want to royally make somebody else’s day, who will also be gone someday and endow a monumental nobody, nothing more nor less than top heavy and that’s all your money is worth to you, after you’re no longer here to be secured in anyway by the substance of it.
Maybe look into the bowels of the nieces and nephews. That’s always a fertile market. Let’s keep the wealth in the family. Let’s talk propriety for a moment. Ask yourself where your allegiances lie, whether you have any left, or whether you’ve turned out to give a good damn.
There are reasons you remained childless, when you had opportunities and those reasons made good sense, once upon a time, before the long nights with no comfort, became what mattered in the light of day and changed you forever into someone cold and callous, you believe.
Know the truth of who you are and what that final series of touches mean to you. Deny that final hope. That final wish becomes the heart of the one who has never been anything but heartbroken. Endeavor to do anything but call that life from the center of the earth into your arms.
This is the only challenge remaining, against all you try to do to the future, to avoid the basic truth you reach to embrace. Convince yourself in the face of certitude, where all things are become one and waters talk to stones. Deny the future there and ask what you’ve won?

This is all babble over stones and the one to make the difference has been won. Let’s not excuse and deny everything, for the sake of one thing, but we’re still being called upon to perform the unnatural. Why is that? Can’t we behave naturally due to our natural feeling?

This is another mystery to unravel and nothing explains it from the tip of the tongue. She has made the difference in a life, with her own, true, sweet love, but there are still prohibitions. Why on earth can’t the daughter just let things drop and allow lovers their conscience?

Before you knew it, S Henry held concerns requiring him to have his own jitterbugs and star-blasters in his name, until his name was on seemingly everything, everywhere one looked and his most successful vehicle was his own form of the game of the Time Value of Money.
The other word for that basic concept is compound interest. It’s a system works well for the bank itself or whomever is the holder of the note otherwise. Where S Henry did very well was in brokering exchange. He held notes on realty and personalty, which paid interest.
The concept of extending credit to all those who are known to have a debt, which puts them on the slate for not only owing, but having a need to earn money, puts that individual on the playing field of the time value of money. Doesn’t much matter how an individual makes money.
What matters is an individual might step up to the plate at some point, with something of some nature, which might be valuable enough to offset at least some of the debt-income ratio of the individual, which keeps the ball rolling for the entire crowd of a debt-income ratio.

It’s not a matter of each one of us achieving and remaining in what’s called the black, or a state of having, as opposed to owing. It’s a matter of keeping what’s somewhat like a ball in play, in the entire debt-income ratio league of players, regularly. One’s earning, another paying.
This is a basic concept of financial equilibrium, in which winning or losing is irrelevant, unless you really aspire to be a major tycoon, like S Henry became and ruin the equilibrium. You do such as put everyone else’s equilibrium in your fiscal pocket and just go on home with it.
That kind of behavior is really not fair play. It’s irrelevant whether you’ve won or lost. If you don’t keep paying, you’ve upset the apple cart. If you buy shared into it, your putting money in, just as if you’re paying a debt. We all need to keep the proverbial ball in the air of equity.

The galactic form of exchange, which figured all its credit and debit by a same, single standard, regardless of race, national nor global origin, on multiple computers figuring it the same way, throughout an entire galaxy, growing to know a master and finisher to be S Henry.
Hank Roe, though the two were never closely associated, went along his merry way, not really climbing the corporate ladder of parcel delivery. He made no connection in his memory, between anyone he had ever talked to and the mogul who made such a bonanza of himself.
It’s odd the way two very different people can start with the same occupation, at doing the same things, with the same basic information, in the same time frame and produce such remarkably differing results. S Henry, if he ever thought of Hank Roe, which was doubtful, had no ambition to connect up anything of his success or good fortune with the other, now the chips had fallen.

There’s no apparent malice between the two, or anything such thing. It only seems, in a process of master mining a stellar success, success forgot a name or identity from somewhere along the way. Though it seems to be bad karma on S Henry’s part, it never touched him at all.

There’s something in this whole mix, with the idea of quitting and I suppose it’s what all this resistance is about. I know, I quit this and I quit that. Yes I did and I’ll own everyone of them, right or wrong. It’s been a challenge for me to find a pursuit I can invest my heart in.
To tell you the truth, I’m not certain I ever have, in a lifetime, until now. Like as I have never known a sentiment of commitment, I have never known an act I could fully put my heart into, until now. I considered focusing entirely on a craft I pursuit. The craft has heart.
It’s best to only bite off as much as one can chew and that would be about 5,000 words. There are a lot of people who would throw up their hands and call me a quitter, but when my life and health were on the line, I have a staying power would have thwarted many people.
It’s clear I’ve faced many an impossible issue in this arena, which would have seen many a blanch, but I staid the course and gotten myself through. Never mind this or that. I tested those things and found them wanting, and I’ve moved on from such pursuit.

I find myself face to face with some real prize, I dearly desire to achieve. I measure a value to such. These are noble pursuits which have considerable heart. I focus on the mark and stay the course, regardless of the obstacle, or opposition. Never mind the past.

There has got to be a way to get the postage required, without undue stress. Proprietor of mailboxes. The post office is too far to be approached. I’ll have to be asking, to know the way of things. There’s got to be an affirmative answer in here somehow.

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