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The two legged were still downstairs after the meeting of their evening worship of the spirits of the trees. In some places this is against the law, to gather to worship, and they’ve been told so, all their lives, but it’s not like it is here. There is always talk of freedom here. When anything is required of two legged, they talk about freedom.

They could gather and worship freely, without fear of the strong ones. They always hear stories of two legged, doing beyond what is possible, in the realm of things that can be done. After all, they are as free as the four legged, to listen to stories they’ve heard all their lives. They’re more free than the four legged. It’s obvious they have the better deal.

It sounds like nonsense to hear what is said, doing beyond what is possible. How can one function under those circumstances at all? It sounds like a conflict in terms. Is it a figure of speech maybe? On the other hand, how do the four legged accomplish anything in absolute freedom, over the conditional freedom of the two legged? Isn’t that chaos?

They were leaving the meeting place, as the other two legged had already done, who left it, liberated by worship, they’re reinforced. Have to pay attention to what their told. They get into their solid, and sometimes kill four legged with it. They go about their lives with strength. The message of strength is a clearly unclear message, and difficult to understand.

Always do crazy things to make themselves more strong than they are naturally, but always be fearful and submissive to the strong ones. Avoid having confrontations with anyone, and always avoid confrontations with the strong ones. Strong ones protect their freedom, unless they take it. This the two legged discuss in the open, as though it were an undeniable truth.

How is one constantly rebellious against the establishment and constantly submissive to authority in the same breath? It’s confusing. Smoke Maverick cigarettes, listen to Desperado on the radio, and ride the Marlboro horse directly into the center of town, with your personal choice of loud music blaring on your personal MP3 player, and you’re the bomb.

Going to that place is a way some find to keep themselves free, to those who find themselves not so free before going. There is a lot of controlling of two legged’s going on from somewhere. The establishment is afraid of us. The strong ones are as afraid of us as we are of the strong ones. The spiritual thought is comforting, for those who care to listen. Spiritual thought is free.
By now, most two legged went home, after they passed the basket to pay. Pay but it’s free. Only one two legged was outside the door, standing on the outside, breathing smoke from a fire stick, in the cool of the evening, though the other two in the basement didn’t realize he was there. It was a place of gathering. There was something outside to be apprehended.
The two legged said they worshiped the spirits of the trees, but most of them didn’t know the first thing about trees, much less anything about their spirits. It was the usual hypocrisy. People lie to get what they want. In this case it was the money from the collection plate. There was only one who knew anything about the spirits of the trees, and he was considered a windbag.

Time was almost done for each of them as things were, even for those who remained behind, out of reverence to their maker or something. The fire stick burned and smoked till it was too short to hold anymore, and the two legged tossed it into the grass. It was a sacred ritual for some two legged. Four legged had to watch to keep from burning a snout.
A four legged walked up, really close to the two legged, as though it were nothing, and just stood there, while the two legged petted its back with his front paw. There was nothing natural about it. The two legged almost expected, irrationally, for the four legged to purr for him, like a cat. There were few similarities between that deer and an ordinary house cat.
Opening the door, he called down to his friends.
“Hey! Come quick! It’s an emergency!” he called down from outside the door, trying to get the others to come before the deer decided to bolt. It was no problem. That deer stayed right where she was for the longest time, no matter who was in her environment. It was uncanny, the way tha four legged just stayed put, like she was invited.
The deer did not flinch a muscle at the loud sound close to her ears. The brave four legged she was, she stood there, quiet and unconcerned with the two legged. The maple nearby was fluent in the language of the two legged and paid close attention. This encounter would make a good discourse with other broad leaf maple later on, when the night got long.
The two legged still inside, came running, finding the door ajar, the other just outside with Merry Christmas, just beyond the door, standing there next to an unexpected a four legged, petting its back, as if it were nothing. But is wasn’t a domesticated four legged, like a cat or dog. It was a live doe, and would meet out consequences for being petted.

It was a spiritual matter of a two legged coming into physical contact with a live four legged, which was no small matter for the two legged in the long run, as we’ll see later on. The two legged had no remote concept of what was to come of his behavior, and spent careless time petting the beautiful doe outside the walls of the spiritual place in the light of night.
It was a deer there alright, within a few feet of the door of the spiritual place, completely unafraid, standing there, on the man-made stone next to the man-made door, allowing the two legged to pet her, as if it were a natural thing, though she was presumed wild. It would carry something on it’s spirit for certain, or nothing would have been there.
There was something sanctified which was suspended in those sacred circumstances, which the various players could not have fathomed at the time. They had called the spirits at the gathering, and there she was, right in front of them, to be petted, grasped or whatever they’d do with her. None of the two legged grasped the gravity of the situation while it happened.
The doe was noticeably larger than a dog or cat, and the two legged had seen it up close. She was closer than any deer had ever been to this one. This was far too incredibly real to the Day Tripper to be taken lightly in any sense of the term. It had to be something to the two legged, from his maker, but the two legged did not know what it might be.

The petter was the only one who actually was acquainted with the spirits of the trees, whose sincere imploring actually brought the spirit of the deer under the tangibility of his grasp. He was the one with power to actually summon spirits, and interact with them too. It was on his shoulders what would eventually happen to him, and to the innocent of the woods.
Before that evening was over, he would understand his awesome responsibility.
The deer was standing there, idly lingering in a most careless fashion with the two legged, inexplicably brave in the most unreal situation. The Day Tripper missed the gravity of the circumstances. He was too stunned to meet the reality head on. The broad leaf maple marveled at the doings, and found itself wanting to join in, tree though it was.

The two legged who had called to the other, told him the deer had to have been around other two legged, probably taken into some barn at sometime, to be nursed by some two legged, over a situation they were left to only imagine, whenever she’d needed help sometime, or when her heroism might have come from some other source altogether.
They were left guessing. The deer kept quiet, though deer can speak spiritually. What the two legged did not realize, was the spirit was going to reveal himself after the others were gone their way, including the deer. If anyone who would know, the tripper knew the spirit speaks according to his own good pleasure. He will not be rushed or patronized. The tripper was still clueless.

The term two legged is a tree term for mankind, utilized by the speech of the spirits of the trees, and by some four legged. Most other strange terms in the text used here, originate with the four legged. Not only the language of the trees, but the language of the four legged happen to be spiritually discerned. There are other entities which know spiritual speech.

The two legged have been teaching themselves to perceive outwardly for quite some time now. This is a foolishness on their part, because all spiritual messages are perceived inwardly. Many two legged have lost their ability to be inward altogether. Inward looking is discouraged by the strong ones, and is not accepted as a valid perception by many two legged.
If one can spiritually discern concepts of one sort of spiritual language, most other spiritually discerned languages are also available for mutual understanding. What one refers to as prayer, another refers to as a spiritual language. Such languages are basically synonymous to the elect. Their existence is not really that much of a mystery to some. Four legged know.
The practice of praying outwardly is a mistake made by many two legged, because it is how prayer is taught. They misunderstand the substance of their spiritual teaching by making this mistake. The spirit of evil will surely interfere with verbalized prayer, if it’s practiced very often, where as silent prayer is a private interaction and a sanctity with the great one.

The term four legged is not a specific term at all, and can be applied to any four legged creature, which is why the term deer is used here, specifically, the way it is in this text. Trees cannot differentiate between specific identities beyond itself, but are capable of counting a host of quantities in the most intricate ways. This is one of the trees’ many talents.
Trees and deer know the same language, but are not certain of the differences between them. The problem trees encounter in perception, is that trees do not specifically have eyes to see or ears to hear. Trees have much intuition and perception, but have that handicap. Deer can only look with one eye at a time, because their eyes are on opposite sides of the head.
This is why it is an impossibility for deer to detect motion.
What trees lack in the concept of differentiating among identities, they make up with in they’re understanding of quantities. Deer make up for deficiencies in their sight, in being able to identify and catalog the variety of smells they can identify and locate in the local geography. In order to find berries in the neighborhood, one only need consult a deer. They know.

The two legged who petted the deer had another experience to account for, the other two could not have imagined. He could not have told anyone and have made any sense to them. Two legged don’t talk like that and stay free. Telling such thoughts and actions is dangerous to one’s liberty among the two legged. They might take his own away for such.
There are words for that kind of talk.
The unnerving idea in the whole experience for the shaking, trembling two legged, sitting in that bent up solid, was that he had just killed that same doe, who had let him pet her in the first place. She wasn’t just any old doe to him, and he couldn’t think it was. His life was forever altered by petting her, and his life was further altered by snuffing out her life.
Those sort of terms are used to incriminate, for the purpose of committal, to lock up a two legged, where the sun shines at night. The strong ones use one’s own words to take things away, like his freedom or time, whenever they want to. They tell them they are free, when they know they’re not. To say so is to defy the strong ones. It’s not a good thing.

After the two legged walked away from the four legged, after his friends had all gone, the two legged sat in his solid, thinking about the thing that had just happened to him. It was something that never happened, and he marveled. His thoughts were on the bondage of that deer, by today’s standards. The deer are the most free of any, but they’re not.
The two legged saw the truth of the life of that four legged, and the ways both of their lives are fettered more surely than ever before. The two legged saw the deer, in her struggle to survive, and how he, as a two legged, was an enemy of all freedom and all liberty of the lives of everything. The two legged was saddened to know how true this idea is.
“You stand there petting me, and I trust you,” he heard within himself, like his two legged female had said to him in faith, long ago. Trust was like that either way. But this was the doe speaking now. It was not really so different, to be trusted by someone sacred, either way. The doe was as significant, if not more so, than a two legged female.
“You two legged ride in your solids, on the man-made stone that cuts its ribbons all over the land, so the wild things cannot go from the sweet, tall grasses where they eat and sleep, grasses that talk to the wind and give them food and shelter, and arrive at the waters that speak to the stones, without the challenges one has to face, whether living or dying.
Wild things cannot go to a crick safely, to drink from the talking waters, without getting run down by your solids. There is no safe path anywhere now. Do you understand you’ve taken our homes from us, so you can have more homes for more two legged? Do you think about wild things before your two legged. You do not care about wild things.”
“Yes, I care,” said the two legged aloud, alone in his solid, as he drove down the man-made stone toward his far-away place, alone in his solid, concentrating hard, trying to listen to the heart of the deer, who had allowed him to touch her, before leaving. He felt touching the doe was a sacred thing, and he wanted to honor it as completely as possible.
“The winds talk to the tall grasses,” the deer reiterated, “Winds always leaving, but never gone. The waters talk to the stones as they trip over the piles of stones in the crick bed, where the wild things go to drink. Waters always leaving, but never gone.” There is no more poetry now, only pain and heartbreak for the slaughtered and the lost of the herd.

The two legged listened in his own heart, and the heart of the doe he had petted spoke to him. She had not made sounds, but his heart understood what she had to say. He wanted to answer her much more than he did, but it was the spirit who talked to him, and not the doe herself. There was some poetry in the words, but that was part of the spirit.
What is language, that only the two legged can have it? Language is sounds with meanings happening within them. There are more ways to know the meanings of words, than to hear them off tongues of speakers. When one can know the thoughts of a heart, one can hear a language. This happens silently, and is a freedom many have never known.
Wild things have language too, but two legged are too busy, too noisy, running here and there, only daring to believe what will be acceptable. They’re taught to shut their minds. There are of two legged who have gotten strong, and take liberty, even lives. Liberty costs a person much of his time, which is his life, even when they don’t shoot straight out.
The shut minds of this world are gaining in number, and it’s harder to find an open mind than ever before. Shut minds are fed by fear and hatred, and those who have it don’t even realize they do. They are constantly training to practice fear and hatred, and it is a significant practice for many. Many delude themselves in believing they know much, when they know little.

The idea of time closes the minds of many, till the idea that deer can talk, that winds and waters can talk, that wild things have language, sounds to two legged like it’s a faerie tale. They can put up with reading to their young before sleep, but one cannot talk honestly, and remain free for long. But this is a free country with freedom of speech, you understand.
They will name you, like being schizophrenic or bipolar or crazy, because you say things so they are fearful of you, because you are too different, and they will take your time away from you righteously, until you are compliant with their version of reality. They are paramedics, nurses, doctors and police who think they know better, but are only fearful of you.

Freedom and liberty happen to be complex, elaborate lies taught thoroughly, to very small children, from very early on in our lives, and continue to be reinforced throughout the lives of thinking and reasoning adults in our society, as an irrevocable, irrefutable identity to embrace. We live in a capitalist country, where everything has a cost and a price.
If anything is truly free, it is obtained without price or cost, and nowhere on the planet does that ever happen, and especially not in a capitalist country, where value and price are paramount. Their biggest holiday in this country, celebrates greed. They have unlimited ways of exacting an exorbitant fee from all of us, especially if you happen to be broke.
Two legged get nervous about hearing such talk, because they don’t except such point of view, and many lock a two legged up where the sun shines at night, for saying such things. The strong ones have words for talking like that, they have things to do to make the rebellious stop talking, where the sun shines at night, until they do stop talking that way.
One eventually learns to do less free talking and a lot more free thinking, in a country like this one, and one can shut their ears, or hear that one of the flower children has gotten loose again. Artificial intelligence has made such strides, that one soon won’t have to think a thing, but submit their minds to letting the machine do all their thinking for them.

It should be an improvement over all these people in this world, who are not quite the brightest bulb on the tree, right through to ones who aren’t even plugged in. Face it, if enough people think you’ve lost your marbles, you probably have. There are those who are a couple of cans short of a six pack, aren’t playing with all fifty two, and aren’t hitting on all eight cylinders.
But no matter. The federal government has made a place for us too, right next to the blown away octogenarians and those others of us who can’t quite seem to measure up to the complex standards of this rigorous lie referred to as America. The establishment in general is coming up with increasingly confusing terms used to incarcerate us all at the time.

America, you call yourselves a free country, with the echoing of the largest prison population in the world resounding in your ears, and the most successful nationwide assisted living program available anywhere. The human warehousing programs are in full swing and functioning better than expected, within the confines of what this world calls this America.
Warehousing is a power a place has, and the strong ones can pen up ones who have no power whenever they want to stop them. They control what the ordinary believe, and what they say. The key to liberty is contained in what we think, not in what we say. It’s a free country, and they’re told every day of their lives. That particular deer happened to know those things.
“The guy’s got to be crazy to talk like that,” the strong ones say to each other in our hearing, when they fear the liberty of our conversation, so we’ll want to stop talking right away. They take us to what is called “a hearing,” and we’d better back down and conform, or go to a place under lock and key. They think it’s a good deal they turn us loose years later.

We don’t arrest a two legged, we just commit him. They take our freedom away. They take our time away, when time is the stuff that life is made of. Sure, they usually let us go sometime later, after filling us as full of lies as we can get, and keep us locked up a long time. Time is the stuff life’s made of, and they have plenty of ways to take our time away.
He is reconditioned to act like the majority again, and when he cooperates regularly enough, they let us go, if we have a home after all this time. Sometimes two legged lose everything we know in the process, if we cannot satisfy the strong ones that we’ll stop talking crazy. But we is free. The strong ones are telling us we’re free, especially when we’re not.
The way the strong one’s helicopters are these days, they have these heat seeker imagery on board with them, with radio contact to the ground units, so you can’t even hide from the strong ones in the woods in the dark anymore. It doesn’t matter what you wear, or how well you hide from them, that heat seeker will pick up your body temperature sure as shooting.
The places for four legged are getting smaller and smaller, as two legged stretch out their man-made stone closer and closer together in every direction, and farther and farther away in every direction, until there are no places for four legged to live at all. Many four legged have died, and many more are killed. The two legged stretch out their loins.

The two legged are making more and more of each other, to call them a part of home, when they arrive in their solids, to make the sun come out at night on the inside, where they go to stay at night, and the places like that are getting to be more and more, covering more and more land from the diminishing habitat of the diminishing wild things all over.
The feeding places, watering places and resting places of the four legged are less and less throughout the land all the time. There are many four legged which are starving, with no places to eat of the vegetation or get any sleep. The wild things have very little shelter for their lair, but the natural foods of the wild things are less available than ever.
There used to be sanctuary for two legged, who thought differently than most, and couldn’t get along like most two legged do, but the strong ones, in their wisdom, as they call their ideas themselves, have taken that sanctuary away from the simple. The four legged have not gotten along any better, and find themselves at loose ends in the wilds.

Now there are only the make-shift places for sanctuary in the winter, complete with barrels of fire which aren’t warm, and cardboard boxes to call home, sleeping in the woods, and the two legged live there, while they beg for handouts if they can. But what is that to the sustenance of wild things, who have no berries and no twigs, or such, to consume?
Some kind of wise-guy built a box that makes sounds and pictures, and the strong make the contraption show frightening stories, calling them entertainment, but the fear the pictures bring into the hearts of the two legged controls many. The strong ones learned a long time ago that fear controls populations, and fear controls millions from coast to coast.
One cannot be dangerous if one is afraid. They worship the stories that make them afraid, though they don’t realize they are worshiping. They are surprised at the expression worship, when it’s used in that way, because they don’t know how to think for themselves. The strong ones have taught their two legged to become stupid, very well.

The two legged, the one who was petted, was driving home with these thoughts on his mind, when he noticed two live deer in the middle of the road in front of him. He was not speeding, but he was going fast, within the law. He didn’t think. He was too busy imagining to think. There were two lives standing there. One walked off, the other stood her ground.
There were other deer who had already crossed the road, and more close by on either side of the road. He could see the whole lot of them, as he blithely kept on going at the same speed, obeying the speed limit, going headlong into their midst on the man-made stone. He was not wrong about this in anyway, from what his driver training told him he could do.
“They’ll move out of the way. I’m obviously coming right at them,” he thinks, forgetting that he has to slow down, forgetting the deer are half blind. A deer’s eyes are on opposite sides of his head, not together. Deer have no depth perception. He is certain, still in the midst, that there’s no danger at all. He has lost the concentration of his driving.

Only one of the deer has moved. The other stands there, apparently too absent-minded to even to consider defiance. She’s hanging out. The herd moves off into the fields in either direction. The two legged in the solid looks on in disbelief. His solid scoops up the deer from the man-made stone at high speed, with a thud, throwing it far up in the air.
The two legged realizes his error on impact, after unwittingly dealing death to a four legged with his solid, he pulls over to the side of the man-made stone, and surrenders his duty to the strong ones, among the two legged, as he trembles at the unnerving set of experiences. It was the thing the spirit was trying to tell him about in the spirit, to no avail.

He is responsible to the strong ones, to report this properly. He can’t just let it go. Finally the strong one arrives. The two legged in the solid has been sitting there shivering with shock, as he awaits the arrival of the strong one, disbelieving what he’d done. The behavior of the unmoving deer is incongruous, as he counts the cost of a life that he just snuffed out.
He marvels at the idea that he did not realize danger, caught up in his reverie, until it was too late. He’d never been in that position before, and thinking about what the deer had told him did not help. The deer have growing population there, as have the two legged, and he had not been driving there long. The two legged one is new there. The strong one allows the two legged to drive home, disregarding the damage from the accident.
“Where’s the deer?” the strong one wants to know, before he leaves to wield his strength elsewhere. The whole herd could hear him clearly, on both sides of the ribbon of man-made stone. But the distraught two legged does not know. He’s too bereaved to think anything clearly. The passing of the beautiful doe was no small matter to him. He has killed her.

The stricken four legged was found dead, close by the man-made stone ribbon, in a field. What the two legged did, was not considered a crime by the strong ones, because it was only a wild thing that died, and the strong ones dropped the affair. The man was not inclined to comment on the issue with much of anyone. He was locked up for his own point of view before.
He determined to avoid the four legged in the road, in the future, if he could possibly manage it. The four legged aren’t free, like the two legged are free. He is not responsible for wild things, and cannot understand. They are only wild. What is meant by only? The two legged wanted to die without recourse, after he had lived without recourse. It’s not fair.

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