100 Million Naira APC Presidential Form And Matters Arising | Emmanuel Usoro

100 Million Naira APC Presidential Form –How do you expect these people to perform when they arrive?

As earlier announced yesterday after the APC NEC meeting, the total cost of the APC’s presidential interest and nomination forms is 100 million naira.

Now, follow my “election cycle,” using APC as a case study.

First, after paying a whopping sum of 100 million naira for the form, each aspirant will have to set aside at least 300,000 naira to lobby each of the 7,800 delegates around the country for votes.

Now use your calculator and multiply 300k by 7,800. You’ll obtain 2.34 billion naira.
Note that, some of them will take loans.

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Some will receive donations from friends who will want to be paid in kind when they emerge, either through inflated contracts or appointments to juicy positions to further increase our rank in the world corruption index.

Before I forget, also note that they must also pay the traditional rulers, who have become political puppets in the hands of politicians.

They will get nothing less than 1 million naira each. You can imagine the number of traditional rulers across the country. You can do the calculations yourself!

Now, let’s get down to other logistics.
They also need to settle party executives from national, state, local government and ward levels, which might cost up to 1 billion naira across the 36 states plus Abuja.

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They would also fly planes, some of which would be private jets, to each of the 36 states for consultations and campaigns, with each movement costing up to 100 million Naira for hotels, transportation, and other items to be shared with the poor, as well as other minor donations as the spirit leads.

And so many other expenditures: social media buzzing from influencers, fake crowds, vote-buying, etc. You can do the calculations!

Recall that, as of 2021, Nigerian lawmakers increased the campaign spending limit of presidential aspirants to 5 billion naira, of which most of them spend more than this amount, especially the two leading political parties.

How do we expect these men to perform since social service has been turned into an enterprise for investment and returns, a transactional type of politics, such that they have to spend all of their money to win an election, especially in this part of the world where you can hardly see anyone who is selfless?


Lest we forget, some of them will lose out in the race. What then happens to these ones, since they won’t be able to loot their “returns”? Especially those ones who are career politicians?

Well, it’s very simple. They will spend the remaining money on kidnappers and thieves in order to recoup their losses and pay off the loans they received from lenders.

Besides, why do you think crime has become a very profitable business in modern-day Nigeria?
Indeed, insecurity in Nigeria is a “cash cow” business, according to Hon. Ahmadu Jaha, a member of the House of Representatives, representing Damboa/Gwoza/Chibok Federal Constituency.

We are just going through the same circles, with no tangible change at all. Same old men, same pattern of deceit, same N5000 electorate, same country.

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Emmanuel Usoro

Usoro Emmanuel is a graduate of the Department of Animal and Environmental Biology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Uyo. He has interest in Theatre, Copywriting, Leadership, Politics, Environment and a host of other fascinating fields. "Excellence at all times" is his slogan. During his university days he participated actively in student's unionism were he served as a law maker. He has also written and published some articles on some published magazines. He is a Professional Copywriter, Content Creator and Event compère. He is also a Columnist at Ray of Thoughts. He loves to listen to Hymns while he writes.

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  1. Magnus Ukpong says:

    Same old thieves..
    Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. idoboann54 says:

    It is really very sad. Healing Nigeria is like running in endless circles of webs

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