A review of “Light Seekers”(A book authored by Femi Kayode)

No.of pages: 242
Year of Publication: 2021
Reviewer: Bassey Bassey


The book, Light Seekers, is a fictional retelling of the sad incident of ALUU 4, where four young men were burned at the stake in Port Harcourt some years back.

The story starts with the brutal murder of there young men stripped to nothing, beaten and left to burn in a fiery furnace.

As it progressed, the narration of events is done through the eyes of Dr Philip Taiwo, an investigative psychologist, who is hired by the father of one of the fallen men to dig up why, how and the who behind his son’s murder.

Battling with marital issues, Dr Philip takes on the task nevertheless. But then, he’s not braced up enough for what lies ahead of him.

The Novel is divided into the Four Parts, each part embodying unique captions that gives the reader a clue on what to expect.

In spite of the subtle hints, the author keeps the reader glued to the pages using suspense as his greatest tool.

Pieces of humour thrown here and there to keep the reader’s mind at ease.

In the writer’s opinion, the novel can be said to a parable that shows the effect of a society on the life of an individual.

Light seekers by Femi Kayode

Review of Light seekers( a book authored by Femi Kayode)

Nothing happens without a cause. The three young men were murdered as a result of societal ills.

But in all, the book is rich with suspense, and engages the mind of the reader in a thinking adventure. It’s a book worth reading.

Bassey Bassey

BASSEY BASSEY is a graduate of the Faculty of Law, University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State and is currently serving in Ministry of Justice, Cross River State. Her area of interests span from Tech Law to Copywriting as well as writing research articles. In 2020, her first book, "Love At Second Sight" was published on Amazon and on Okadabooks. When her eyes are not fixated on reading a book (especially African Literature), she loves to surf the net and listen to gospel music whenever she can. Amongst other things, she's a columnist on Ray of Thought, an Affiliate Marketer on Expertnaire, a Levite and a Lover of Books.

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