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“Ray of Thought is an association scholars, thinkers and young intellectuals who seek to to influence the world by her thought and actions. At our core, Ray of Thought operates on imagination, individuality, inclusivity, connection and impact.”

The beginning

From Cape Town to Tunis, from Accra to Lagos, from Dar Es Salaam to Nairobi, from Luanda to Kigali, from Cairo to Kinshasa, from Mogadishu to Abidjan, the riches of Africa are evident. At Ray of Thought, we see these riches and dare to mine them! Ray of Thought was born to provide an inclusive platform for dialogue, sharing of knowledge, youth empowerment and networking. Located in Africa’s most populous country – Nigeria – Ray of Thought dares to make more evident the wealth of a continent with so much possibilities and aptitude for development. Since her inception in 2018, Ray of Thought has strived to connect minds, bodies, continents, and philosophies. Through our platform we are continuously seeking ways to bridge the gap that exists in our communities while making a real difference in the process.

Who We Are

At ‘Ray of Thought’ we believe there are better way to address the challenges in the world, in  Africa, and in Nigeria most especially. We are obsessively passionate about the growth of young people in this continent with mineral resources, intellectual power, and cultural diversities. Our place on this world is simple, as we are everyday excited to see that we reach out to leaders in different industries and get their stories documented. Ray of Thought is audacious in also documenting articles that have practical ways to address contemporary issues.

A look at our projects, website,  interviews with CEOs, founders of organizations, directors, and academics, summarizes our intentions to share growth and process to a waiting world. Our greatest vibe is to see that we have young people ready to be taught by key stakeholders in a 21st century world. Ray of Thought believes that a digital world births new challenges, and with these challenges new skills are born and will be available. We believe in interrogating current paradigms, and offering new approaches to contemporary issues or challenges. We also believe that for growth to be possible, discussions or dialogues must be made by all. This is why a part of our story telling for impact is organizing conferences, trainings, and symposium.

Our Philosophy

Ray of Thought exist on the pure foundational idea that our society survives and degenerate on problems and that problems being dynamic in nature requires us to think in octoploid dimensions if we must be found on the part of survivial. In this connection, these problems being dynamic in nature when given inadequate or no solution, compound and metamorphose and therefore lead the society to a dark edge of degeneration.

His Royal Highness, Chief Francis Ekpenyong ( in his keynote lecture at the Ray of Thought maiden conference, titled ‘CONTEMPORARY PROBLEMS WITH ROOTS IN HISTORY :THE NEED FOR REAPPRAISAL) asseverated this dynamic nature of problem by remarking that “solving a problem is akin to climbing a hill  the top opens up a new vista of cognition and widen the horizon to conceiving and perceiving fresh needs. In other word, the solution of a problem ipso facto , leads inexorably to the introduction of another probllem”.

 Ignorance  for example, as a problem over the years continues to improve in form as knowledge progresses linearly. The knowledge of a flat earth for instance was a curative discovery to silence the ignorance that was prevalent at the time when no one could tell with exactitude, the shape of the earth. As knowledge took on progress and and the earth was confirmed by scientists to be spherical in shape , the widely consumed opinion of a flat earth became an ignorance to be abated.

As an example, the  evaluation of our education provision ,solution to ignorance and our enhancement of survival  in  Nigeria many years back show that basic literacy(ability to speak and write), was effective enough in lifting unprecedented numbers of youths from poverty  and also placing them in a condition of favor and cloying feeling of self importance. But today, it will not be ludicrous to report that the  kind of ignorance that was cured by basic literacy  to put us on that part of survival has metamorphose to a  level were a special  education must be offered to us to make us equal to the prevalent challenges  and thus become productive.

The kind of ignorance the 21st century face as a problem  today, munificently import with it, the need for new knowledge and new thinking. Ray of Thought therefore exist to preach cognitive ability , life skills such as interpersonal communication, financial literacy ,team work and creativity as a pillar to help sustain the society and ensure a community of healthy thinkers.

Let me mention one of the neologisms of W.W.Rostow and employ same to summarise this nature of problem I seek to make veil of. In his book titled ‘the stages of economic growth – a non communist manifesto’ Rostow introduced buddenhook’s dynamic which provides that the higher the generation progresses , the wider becomes the field of cognition  as well as the horizon of want and discontent of the succeeding generation.

In view of the forgoing, the nature of problem as I have sedulously exposed is that no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

So Ray of Thought identifies that for every problem whether personal or corporate which has received inadequate or no solution, for such problem, there is a reason of conventional approach that has helped it survive. The concept therefore advocate the need for us to raise our thought beyond the normal plain and see it through the platitude of convention ,scientific and philosophical kibitz  and incident same in a second dimension which is just an area outside the box.  So it is in this line , that we have decided to engage in human capacity development by promoting creative thinking and innovative reasoning which we see to be the solution for our multifarious and concatenate problems.

For our object of vision to be indefeasibly guaranteed, Ray of Thought therefore provides for herself, the following strategies:

  • Organize workshops and symposiums to help train our youths and thinkers, in the art of creative writing
  • Organize Conferences to raise debates on issues of public concern. The aim of such conference being to gather innovative thoughts of thinkers, scholars and profeesionals, making it a reference for policy to agencies that will implement the resolution
  • Visit, interview and publish thinkers and influencers whose thought and actions are continuously putting our society on the part of survival.
  • Encourage youths to be creative, by organizing writing competitions with award price tags
  • Run a book project where every member of Ray of Thought are encouraged to write and publish their ideas in a book
  • Run an article section in our website where scholars and thinkers can publish their idea for read by a wider audience
  • .Run a book review group where our members, visitors and scholars dine by sharing their taste of a book that inspires them.

Our Slogan

Our motto is to bring innovation, personal and community growth, and a vibrant and robust dialogue to every young person in the world – beginning from Africa.

Our Essence

At our core, Ray of Thought operates on imagination, individuality, inclusivity, connection and impact.

Our Flagship Programmes

Ray of Thought is filled with a lot of awesome people building a lot of inspiring things and constantly seeking out ways to express just how much they love doing so. This is why one of our flagship programmes today includes organizing conferences. In August, 2019 at the Permanent site, the University of Uyo, Nigeria, we had our first conference themed, “Education, the Youths and the Challenges of the 21st Century.” In attendance at that conference were students, academics, invited guests, founders and leaders of organizations, company, and schools, as well as the chairman, Chief Francis Ekpenyong, who delivered the topic “contemporary problems with root in history: the need for reappraisal.” The keynote speaker was Prof Friday Okon of the University of Uyo with topic “education, the youths and the challenges of the 21st century: which way forward? Raphael Ebiefung, a lecturer at the Niger Delta University spoke on the topic “innovative thinking for solving problems in the 21st century. David Francis, a guest speaker and academic spoke in depth on the topic, “the suicide crisis and education: connections for the human mind.

Our Flagship Programmes

: Our team is made up of Professionals and  young talented people who are always ready to share knowledge to others – all with the singular intention of seeing the world becoming a better place. Here’s how our team operates or looks like

Meet Our Amazing Team

David Antia - Founder of Rayofthought.com

David Antia

David Antia is the founder/CEO of ‘Ray Of Thought’ a collaborative platform intended to connect thinkers and writers around the world to shine their thoughts on contemporary issues and also create Impact. He is a Physicist and have studied particle physics(non credit course) at University of Geneva, Astronomy (non credit course ) at University of Arizona. He has also studied ‘Understanding research method'(non credit) at London University SOAS and his currently doing his Bsc in physics at University of Uyo. He is a passionate writer who writes on personal development, business strategy, and on issues of public interest .


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