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From Cape Town to Tunis, from Accra to Lagos, from Dar Es Salaam to Nairobi, from Luanda to Kigali, from Cairo to Kinshasa, from Mogadishu to Abidjan, the riches of Africa are evident. At Ray of Thought, we see these riches and dare to mine them! Ray of Thought was born to provide an inclusive platform for dialogue, sharing of knowledge, youth empowerment and networking. Located in Africa’s most populous country – Nigeria – Ray of Thought dares to make more evident the wealth of a continent with so much possibilities and aptitude for development. Since her inception in 2018, Ray of Thought has strived to connect minds, bodies, continents, and philosophies. 

Through our platform, we are continuously seeking ways to bridge the gap that exists in our communities while making a real difference in the process.

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Rayofthought conducts and documents interviews with great minds and successful individuals.

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Check out our reviews of your finest books from your finest authors, unbiased and thorough.


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From arts to scientific matters, Rayofthought has archives full of interesting facts and histories.

At ‘Ray of Thought’ we believe there is a better way to address the challenges in Africa, and in Nigeria most especially.

We are obsessively passionate about the growth of young people on this continent with mineral resources, intellectual power, and cultural diversities.

Our place on this world is simple, as we are everyday excited to see that we reach out to leaders in different industries and get their stories documented.

Ray of Thought is audacious in also documenting articles that have practical ways to address contemporary issues.

A look at our poetry submissions, our interviews with CEOs, founders of organizations, directors, and academics, summarizes our intentions to share growth and process to a waiting world.

Our greatest vibe is to see that we have young people ready to be taught by key stakeholders in a 21st century world. Ray of Thought believes that a digital world births new challenges, and with these challenges new skills are born and will be available.

We believe in interrogating current paradigms, and offering new approaches to contemporary issues or challenges.

We also believe that for growth to be possible, discussions or dialogues must be made by all. This is why a part of our story telling for impact is organizing conferences, trainings, and symposium.​

Our motto is to bring innovation, personal and community growth, and a vibrant and robust dialogue to every person in the world – beginning from Africa.

At our core, Ray of Thought operates on imagination, individuality, inclusivity, connection and impact.

Ray of Thought is filled with a lot of awesome people building a lot of inspiring things and constantly seeking out ways to express just how much they love doing so. This is why one of our flagship programmes today includes organizing conferences. In August, 2019 at the Permanent site, the University of Uyo, Nigeria, we had our first conference themed, “Education, the Youths and the Challenges of the 21st Century.” In attendance at that conference were students, academics, invited guests, founders and leaders of organizations, company, and schools, as well as the chairman, Chief Francis Ekpenyong, who delivered the topic “contemporary problems with root in history: the need for reappraisal.” The keynote speaker was Prof Friday Okon of the University of Uyo with topic “education, the youths and the challenges of the 21st century: which way forward? Raphael Ebiefung, a lecturer at the Niger Delta University spoke on the topic “innovative thinking for solving problems in the 21st century. David Francis, a guest speaker and academic spoke in depth on the topic, “the suicide crisis and education: connections for the human mind.