AKHA 2023 : Placing Okobo State Constituency On A New Trajectory Of Progress – David Antia

Every society is driven by the energy of Law. Jean Rousseau on a careful study of the dynamics of our human relationship and existence asserted that

each of us puts his person and all his power in common under the supreme direction of the general will, and, in our corporate capacity, we receive each member as an individual part of the whole.

As a people, we have, through the principle of social contract consign our individual development, education, security, health and economy to the supreme direction of corporate governance. A constituency is therefore established of our will – and our individual interests and problems become ensconced in the dominion of that Constituency.

Law, essentially, is an instrument for the beneficence of this unification and the guiding principle of our general will- when rightly mobilized, there will be a common feeling of satisfaction and justice ,  when not in tandem with common interest, it creates disaffection and from schism to chasm, we suffer disintegration and retrogression.

This is why, whosever must represent the people of Okobo constituency in the Law-Making chambers must see Okobo as ONE and must consider the needs of the whole. Such person must not see Okobo Mbawa and Atak Oro as two different bloc but as one district deserving of his or her attention.

Also, Just like every other job, this pristine task of representation needs one who possesses the requisite skill. This is why our delegates should do well to look beyond cheap political persuasion and study dispassionately, the disposition, temperament and political philosophy and outlook of aspirants. This, with the view to elect one who will best represent the interest of Okobo in the State House of Assembly .

Importantly, Whoever will represent us must have an interpersonal relationship skill to network with other members of AKHA to defend our collective interest. Such one must also have the mental capacity to procedurally engage in careful and meticulous deliberations that will birth a worthy decision for our collective benefit as a State and a Constituency.

Fortunately for Okobo, we are blessed with Human Resources. A lot of Okobo Sons have presented themselves to be considered for this mandate . Many of them are qualified in experience and education.

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We are also left with the responsibility, as a people , to assess them with love and to sincerely support those we feel their proposals and manifestos will condense us into a centripetal inclination towards progress, development and growth.

Many in their assessment,  like myself, have  chosen Bassey Ukpong among other qualified candidates. This is because we believe, his managerial skills as a trained economist will influence his disposition towards what should take precedence in our general appropriation bill.

He will support bills that will favor entrepreneurs and dissolve the Gordian knot of poverty. He also has a good relationship with all Sons and Daughters  of Okobo across Mbawa and Atak Oro. This interpersonal skill will enable him listen to and be accountable to the people of the entire Okobo.

In his declaration of interest while consulting with delegates and the members of our  constituency, he made it known that he will support and further the noble pursuit of our current House member, RT. Hon Princess Felicia , on areas of Child’s Right Protection and Girl child education. He has also promised to work with other members of the Legislature to address  the problem of poverty, health, unemployment, ensuring the provision of basic infrastructures and access to education in our dear State.

If this is achieved, we are sure of good governance and  delivery of our democratic dividends.

Bassey Ukpong – Aspirant, Akwa Ibom State House Of Assembly, Okobo Constituency, 2023

It need be mentioned, that the revelation of statistics, according to ILO (2002), shows that  246 million children, one in every six children aged 5-17 are involved in child labor, also, 197 million children aged 5 to 17 , one in every eight children in the world are also exposed to the worst form of child labor which endanger the child’s physical, mental and moral well being.

So it thus make sense to judge such intention as he bear, to be worthy of our support. As we think about  a great future, we must look into the problem of poor education, child abuse and other social problems and also provide a solution to them.

He has promised to look into these areas  of  human capacity development. It is not surprising that he has main this vision and esteem it above other aspects of what he feels is the need of the people. Mr Bassey Ukpong on his own personal effort has been supporting the education of young people in Okobo. We believe if given the chance, he will work with the people to create a new education Outlook in Okobo. 

He has also promised to bring  his experience in entrepreneurship and management to bear in promoting the empowerment of Youths in Okobo.

Among the strategies he has revealed during meetings with the Youths includes, Micro Credit Scheme and Life Enhancing Programs.

According to him, policies for youth development is crucial to the progress of Okobo. In this connection, he has promised that he will ensure that, Youths  benefit from grants for entrepreneurship and farming, Artisans, Traders and fishermen and others will also benefit from his micro credit scheme which he intend to put in place for the people of Okobo. He has also promised to give scholarships to some indigent Okobo undergraduates in higher institutions of learning.

This among many others are the strategies he will implement to place Okobo on a new trajectory of development and economic growth.

The present condition of Okobo is enough to open our vista of cognition to the perception of these needs. We need someone like him to hold the lectern. He is humble, God fearing, kind hearted, compassionate and his willing to work with everyone to achieve all that and many more for our constituency.

It is important that all Okobo Sons and Daughters support an aspirant who will be able to gauge , collate and present the views and the needs of Okobo in the House of Assembly – articulating our expectation and aspirations as a people.


David Antia, An indigene of Okobo 


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