ASUU Celebrates 50 Days Strike In 2022; Congratulations!

I would love to use this medium to heartily congratulate members of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) for their doggedness in their demands for the revitalization of our universities as well as their welfare.

ASUU remains the last standing union with incorruptible leaders capable of holding our enemies, sorry, our leaders, by their balls.

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has been politicized to the point where it has become a branch of the ruling party.

They are now seated still while Nigerians wallow in the abyss of a failed and unscrupulous administration.

Oh, we miss the Cmr. Adams Oshiomole days, where he served in the honourable capacity as the Chairman of the NLC.

His leadership of being the voice of the voiceless and always being on the side of the people is still missed in our dear country today. It gives me goosebumps whenever I remember those glory days.

Our dear NANs have become a National joke under the leadership of Cmr. Asefon Sunday.

We recently witnessed videos of his recent interaction with the Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu, where most Nigeirans celebrated his so-called “aluta bravery”.

It was sad that the President of NANs wasted such an opportunity to ask the right question that would have left the honourable minister searching for words. He ended up turning the entire environment into an atmosphere of nuclear war, coupled with fake news.

It was clear he went to the negotiation table unprepared. The Smart Minister quickly capitalized on his mistake and paved the way for his immediate exit. Prof. Farooq Kperogi described the NANs’ President utterances as “an unproductive and embarrassingly infantile jabbering.”

For the record, I have always supported the ASUU cause ever since I learned about their annual carnival of striking. Though they have ended up turning my four-year course into a seven-year adventure, all is well.

It is worthy of note that our leaders have failed us. They have failed the leaders of tomorrow. According to Prophet Idaboski Pahose aka Odumeje, “all politicians in the country, from top to bottom, have failed us.” It is sad that we are all relaxed and focused on 2023 instead of giving them (our enemies, sorry, our leaders) a test of their medicine by protesting, thereby keeping the country at a standstill until our education is secured.

But that’s not the case. We are making ASUU memes and catching cruises while they loot our future away.

It is pitifully pathetic that there is no sign of resolving the strike.

Our enemies, sorry, leaders, have turned negotiation and dialogue into a herculean task, requiring a committee to be constituted and inaugurated, as well as giving them a duration of 3 months to solve a problem that was supposed to be the country’s priority.

It looks like 2022 will be a “non-academic” year for Nigerian students.

The decay in the current leadership of the country is chronic.

Indeed, “Nigeria has no President, what we have is a breathing, insentient mannequin in Aso Rock masquerading as President”— Buhari has no clue about what’s going on. He isn’t even aware he’s alive – Prof. Farooq Kperogi

Emmanuel Usoro

Usoro Emmanuel is a graduate of the Department of Animal and Environmental Biology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Uyo. He has interest in Theatre, Copywriting, Leadership, Politics, Environment and a host of other fascinating fields. "Excellence at all times" is his slogan. During his university days he participated actively in student's unionism were he served as a law maker. He has also written and published some articles on some published magazines. He is a Professional Copywriter, Content Creator and Event compère. He is also a Columnist at Ray of Thoughts. He loves to listen to Hymns while he writes.

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