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Children At Land Of Hope Ready For A Creative Exhibition

Whenever we talk about abuse, we seek to impress an unreasonable indulgence in a act. A use of a thing beyond the purpose of its design. The belt which adds to the sparkling spark of beauty on Ladies gowns, The belt which serve to hold our trouser to our waists, which fulfills the function of protecting our dignity by ensuring that our cloths does not fall off from our body, is also a symbol of death, suicide and child abuse.

How would you feel if you came back from work only to find your child tied with belt to the bricks of stones and woods?

Giving the brain another memory of what belt stands for

How would you feel if your child came back  from school with wounded body, with marks appended by the strokes of belt?

The above scenario, would only be one(mild) out of the queerest freak of fate, exerted by the use of Belt on children.

As a Child Right Organization, we have records of account of good number of children we rescued, who were terrorized and beaten severely by belt in a bid to get them confessed to being Witches and Wizards. One was beaten by strong leather belt and wounded to the brain. Steaming tears like pearl drops from a flint. Another was tied to a tree in the forest by rope for his body and belt for the captivity of his feet. What do you think belt reminds this child of, when he sees it?

Land of Hope Children draw on the assembled Belts

Viewed in African tenor and substance of value, corporeal punishment is presumed to subserve a pristine end, as it is believed a child needs Cain on his back for correction. The consequences of this chosen method of instruction on children is what we sometimes don’t really think about.

In many cases , the severe exertion of physical strokes on a child by use of belt, leads the child to become mean, hard- hearted and hard to dialogue with.
A precious soul who is supposed to be groomed in propriety, by consequence of severe strokes of belt, begins to flounder like a huge conger-eel in an ocean of dingy morality.

Assuredly, the use of belt which was original to the preservation of our dignity by anchoring to our body the adornment of fashion and virtue, is also regrettably serving as a symbol of hate and suffering to our children. The clutch in the belt reminds them of how they were treated as slaves . Each hole on the leather is significant to their broken characters and damaged hearts.

At Land of Hope, children are redefining the use of belt, taking its meaning far from suffering and exerting a new trajectory of its creative use. They are making beautiful paintings by the use of belt. Through their paintings, Belt is adorned its original dignifying significance. A festooned girdle encircling the waist of a bride. In the creative drawing on assembled belts , is a woman wrapping her child to herself. This signifies Love. This signifies dignity.

Creative Drawing Made on Assemble Belts

When next you want to raise that belt on that child, think again that you are damaging her feeling of dignity and self confidence.
When next you want think of tying yourself with belt out of depression, think again that someone out there loves you and wants you to live. Let that thought overpower your meditation of suicide.

David Emmanuel Umem

Founder/ Director, Land of Hope

David Umem

David Umem

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