A Review Of The Book Of Hope, ‘Dare it, do it’ by Aniekeme Finbarr


Every good book is a product of a genuine educator who is impelled by the need to develop mentally ,morally and aesthetically, his target audience. The manner in which such author impresses or transmits his thoughts and instructs his audience , in addition to what quality of information he passes ,is to be a determinant for how his book should be judged.

In this connection, the result of such work should be measured by how much it has been able to educe and inspire the target audience.

In this 175 paged book, the author has in an equal manner ,attempt to inspire and induce hope in the minds of every reader who faces daunting problems and disheartening experiences at every wake of time.

I think every visitor to this wealth of knowledge ( encapsulated in 175 page) should ask himself what kind of education will be useful for him. He should keep this question of ‘intent’ revolving in his mind as he follows the author in the white-knucle ride.

Mentioning what manner of knowledge contained in this book is the task of this review and is beneficial in answering likely questions revolving in the minds of the would-be readers who dare to read this book.

The book aim to give hope to every reader and such is the manner of education that the author intent for the reader.

Mary Warnock had made a potent expression in this wise when she said

I think that of all the attributes that I would like to see in my children ,or in my pupils, the attribute of hope would come high, even top the list. To lose hope is to loss the capacity to want or desire anything.To loss in fact , the wish to live. Hope is akin to energy,to curiosity, to the belief that things are worth doing. And education which leaves the child without hope is an education that has failed.

If education is to train man on how to live and be alive, then the type that gives man the hope to live and make living should be regarded highly . And such man who gives hope through education should be seen as the greatest teacher. It will be wise to say that Aniekeme Finbarr is one of the greatest teachers of our time, because he has through this book teach about life and also inspire hope in everyone who dare to live.

In chapter one, he explains in a conversational manner ,how he dropped out from school and the consequences that greeted him. He utilises his experience to teach about how most humans react during when they see their fellows in a drowning situation

For everyone who has tried and fail, the author instruct in this chapter that though such bad situations are unmeritorious of a derisive laughter, that even our friends and those we expect to understand us and comfort us are mostly the ones who laugh at us and throw stones at us. Stones painted in ‘risibles’ and polished with comics and every color that ludicrous can import.

According to the author,

The true test of friendship is in your dry season, everyone dances in your umbrella when it rains around you


The pedantic author also suggest radical approach that he feels is best in handling our difficult situations and difficult people who makes themselves fuels to further worsen the fire that try us.

No matter how things are designed to be beautiful in your life, life will constantly set traps for you . The choice is yours to move forward or remain in lament  . He advice ,that the best approach is to keep moving.

He reminds us sic passim ,of the need to tell ourselves the truth while taking on the challenges of life.

He taught and extraordinary learn in chapter two, where he surprised us with minutiae approach everyone can take when in need of help from other people. He advised that instead of going to our expected helpers with a ‘SHOULD’ mindset(e.g. She should help me), we should rather go with the ‘NEED’ mindset( e.g I need your help in this) stating specifically what manner of help we need from our prospective helpers.

In the other chapters, he has revealed , that nothing of worth , emerges without undergoing pressure, suppressions and continence.He noted however, that even the very food we eat must go through fire before it is fit for consumption. Likewise gold and other materials we cherish.

In this respect, he call on the reader to ready himself through discipline and self control.

The part I would wish the author to look at critically (as I assume conflict in ‘intent’ and ‘expression’) is where he confessed that “politician-leaders especially do not have our best interest at heart, as they have not only personal desires but practical goals to pursue’.

I insist to impress that such confession may be mere exaggeration on his part, as everyone know that he himself who is a politician-leader, have the best interest of his people at heart. We also have the likes of Lee Kuan Yew , a politician leader who transformed Singapore from third world to first world! He wouldn’t have achieved that if he didn’t make the people’s interest a personal interest, or if he apotheosized his interest above that of his country.

In the same manner, the author has also laid on biblical teachings so much that an unbeliever will find this book uninteresting even before reading through.

To create a perfect balance, he has also drawn inference from other books of faith

The bodacious decor of this book titled “Dare It do it ( Aniekeme Finbarr)” and its equal import lie in the intent to help the reader understand and find what he already has and which is all he needs- HOPE.

In conclusions, I recommend this book to every unsuccessful and successful individual who wish to improve on self or help others improve on theirs!

David Antia
Ray of Thought (www.rayofthought.com)



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