In placing a thinking configuration to ascertain which choice of solution is suitable for a problem, one must consider chiefly , which option maps well with the problem . What this means is that , In solving a problem, you do not exclude the image of a causal factor- for in all consideration, what looks like the solution must belong to the constituency of the problem even though not as an active cause.

Medicine has impressed this fact in a manner that is easy for intellection. A vaccine for example is a biological preparation that improves immunity to a particular disease. In preparing any vaccine , our medical researchers and practitioners always  add an agent that resembles a disease-causing microorganism. 

The agent stimulates the body’s immune system to recognize it as foreign, destroy it, and ”remember” it, so that the immune system can more easily identify and destroy any of these microorganisms that it encounters later. 

According to NCBI, The body’s immune system responds to vaccines as if they contain an actual pathogen, even though the vaccine itself is not capable of causing disease. 

The problem of this country if sincerely investigated will not be far from the  disenchantment , impoverishment and destitution of the youth population. If this is accepted then it follows that – we need someone from the youth community or at least one who has the advantage of health, age and imagination to bring us the needed change. 

In the order in which I named this cause, one will follow through the line that when not empowered to be productive, a part of what makes a young person a human being- an homo economicus , is suppressed but not killed as such energy of productivity  is often rather  mobilized into anti-culture and vice.

This leads to disenchantment as they become disappointed that the product  of the energy so mobilized does not gain acceptance in the society’s scroll of moral rectitude and so do not stand them on nobility.

Also, when impoverished through lack of economic and political empowerment, they become easy tools for the banishment of democracy and installations of poor leadership. They are employed as Thugs, body guards and killers. In this connection, the first and the second factor combined, reflect the level of destitution of the youths. The ultimate deprivation from which feeling they become ensconced in the annals of darkness. 

It may perhaps be censured an impertinent criticism if I mention that the disposition of the general public concerning 2023 presidential election spells vulnerability and such, being a product of long-term  intentional or unintentional strategy of manipulation by the current older actors  . I shall explain what I mean by this by quoting an observation  reported by the political Bureau set up by Ibrahim Babangida during his regime.

“…Low consciousness of people [youths] had made them vulnerable to the manipulation of the power elite in the society. The backlash from such action has been the emergence of the culture of helplessness, apathy and indifference to the political process” 

Following this outstanding asseveration by Government itself, one can see for himself how the recrudescence of our problem as a nation is Seconded by the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability of our youth population who are bantered by fate to elect their sufferers. 

In moving forward, for anyone who may still have  doubt about how non-empowerment Of youths can be the major source of instability of our country. Let’s consult with reason and revelation. Reason why for instance , Aramoko-Erio-Efon, Akure-Ikere and Ado-Ijan routes have become endangered routes for travelers as many have fallen victims of kidnap and robbery using that route. Reason the level of crime and insecurity in our country 

Make then your judgement from the revelations of research and statistics. It is established that tertiary education institutions produce up to 500,000 graduates every year besides Nigerian graduates who study abroad and return home to compete for jobs . The federal tax agency in November, 2016 received 700,000 applications for 500 advertised positions. In May, nearly a million people applied for 10,000 listed positions. According a finding reported by Kazeem, Voice of America (2018) reported Nigeria’s unemployment official figure to be 16 million with additional 2 million expected to join by the end of the year 2018. 

Nigeria’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) recorded 14.2% level of unemployment in the last quarter of 2016 compare to 13.9% in the preceding quarter.

According to Trading Economics (2019) unemployment rate increased to 23.10 per cent in the third quarter from 22.70 percent in the second quarter of 2018. The unemployment rate in Nigeria averaged 12.31 percent between 2006 and 2018, reaching an all high time of 23.10 percent in the third quarter of 2018. The lowest record was 5.10 percent in the fourth quarter of 2010 (Akwagyiram, 2018; Trading Economics, 2019). 

This findings weighted against the instability of our country far impress the idea that the lap of the idler as always been the nest and lair of vices. According to the theory of relative deprivation, crime happens when individuals or groups see themselves as being unfairly disadvantaged. As our revered Chief Obafemi Owolowo would say “The children of the poor you failed to train[ and I add, EMPOWER] will never let your children have peace”. 

It is well neigh universal that our major problem in this country is caused by the unemployment, deprivation  and un-empowerment of youths 

Furthermore,  the above statistics does not only confirm my list of cause which I name to include, disenchantment, impoverishment and destitution- but it also unveil the vulnerability of our youths and the difficulty such can bring to our hope of a new Nigeria.


The immunity of the country to the problems identified can only be sought in the same manner like a vaccine. 

We will continue to hope against hope or press our energy into the basket of oblivion if we use our only opportunity(of political participation ) to elect old people in politics who over the years have not proven to be solution providers. It is time for us to rally and support another youth, who represents the deprived and emasculated population. 

Our older politicians are also intelligent, but age, virtue and experience gives Moghalu a just precedency in the order of our need as a people. 

Our intelligent class should break free from this Stockholm syndrome that makes us always place our choice between two unfavorables when in fact, we can mobilize ourselves to chose a better option. The forthcoming election is not and can never be between PDP and APC alone. 

I do not base my argument on age only and neither only on the fact that our president come 2023 must have the advantage of health and youthfulness. If we consider Prof Moghalu and gauge his viability on other useful parameters, he comes out perfect. Prof  received advanced executive education in macroeconomics and financial sector management, corporate governance, and global strategic leadership from a prestigious world class university. We have seen how he as deployed such knowledge in active service to our country and beyond. Moghalu was the deputy governor of CBN for Financial System Stability. He also served as deputy governor for Operations, with supervisory responsibility for currency and branch operations, payment systems, and the management of Nigeria’s foreign reserves of $37 billion. He led the rollout of payment systems reforms including the development and introduction of the unique identifier Bank Verification Number (BVN). 

Prof. Moghalu who has managed our financial system without any allegations of fraud laid on him, can claim to have the credibility to manage our country and also uproot corruption from all system of our governance.  

He is young and visionary and represents hope for a new Nigeria. We as  a people must seek to engage his imagination and never again be weaseled to the paradox of inertia- the cyclic inclination of hoping against hope. We can chose a beginning line of progress and gradually dwarf the manipulation  of the older politicians to insignificance 


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