My M.B.B.S Journey ( Part 2)


Preamble :Preamble: There are a lot of young, intelligent people whose dream of becoming Medical doctors get stonewalled by the difficultly of gaining admission. There are also many who got admitted but lost out in the pursuit. I am sharing my personal experience to help those who may be interested in knowing how to gain admission to study Medicine and how to handle the sheer workload that comes with being a Medical student.

[Continued from Part 1)

…I smiled when he looked at me with eyes that seemed to say “what did you just say?”, anyway he asked me to “tighten my belt” and also said that the course was not “for the weak”, well that didn’t bother me because I checked my waist and my belt was very tight and I knew I was a strong person, not knowing he didn’t mean the belt on my waist, and also not knowing I was the weakest person alive!

While the whole process was going on I saw a lot of people of different ages, those who were way older than I was, those who were just about my age, all sort of people! boys and girls, men and women…

I overheard one of the guys doing the registration telling a certain girl “oh! so you came around and didn’t even tell me” and the girl responded “so I don become customer abi..” this made me think this girl who looked about 20 years of age was probably doing this exams the second time but I wasn’t really interested in thinking any further about it.

We did the registration and everything was settled. On our way back, I don’t know why but I was excited, maybe because of the whole University thing or maybe because of the new people I saw and the competitive anxiety on their faces, well I wasn’t sure. My dad was like “shae you see the crowd?” I said yes. “hmm.. you’ll be competing with all these people o, so you have to sit down and read” I said okay. He didn’t smile at all, but I was all smiley and ecstatic.

We got home and I was back with my phone browsing through jamb site, and other sites like,, etc. I found out o many things while I browsed; I found out about “cut off marks”, “admission list”, I also saw and read thousands of stories online of people who applied to study Medicine and Surgery and couldn’t because of the high “cutoff”. I was now like “what is this cutoff sef” I started searching cut off for Medicine in various universities, and particularly in UNICAL which I applied to at that time. The cutoff mark as at that time (2013/2014) in UNICAL was 263, which was a very high score as at then, in fact it was rare to see someone with such score…

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Utibe Umoh

Utibe Umoh is a Public health enthusiast, poet and author with a great deal of interest in romance-fiction stories and short essays. His first e-Book, Tales of bliss, was out in 2020 and is currently available on the Amazon Kindle bookstore and free on bookstore. He currently pursues a degree in Medicine and Surgery at the College of Health Sciences, University of Uyo and is editor-in-chief for his Medical student association. He is content creator for Ray of thought - an assembly of young thinkers who are out to impact the world positively - and enjoys listening to classical music at his leisure hours.

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