My M.B.B.S Journey (Part3)


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Preamble: In this part of my story, I relive the potent tools I used to ace the JAMB UTME and get a score that found me a spot in Medical school in Nigeria.

…The cutoff mark for Medicine as at that time (2013/2014) in UNICAL was 263, which was a very high score as at then, in fact it was rare to see someone with such score.

I saw it and I was determined to get a higher score than that. My determination was always on the high side, little did I know that JAMB UTME doesn’t just require determination but hard-work, with emphasis on the “hard”, and a great deal of study. Well, this only applies if you apply for Medicine, other courses are usually not that demanding.

The next day came and I was reading voraciously already. I was reading my New school chemistry, New school Physics, Modern Biology and as for English, I neglected it, I didn’t just know the particular text to use for English, I thought I knew English, I studied the English past questions anyway.

My study life was on and off, more like studying in the mornings and evenings only, afternoon was for other things. I wish I knew back then that those “other things” were stealing my precious time and were going to cost me a whole year.

The long awaited exams finally came and my venue was my school, I was largely pencil and paper exams (PPT) as JAMB was still test running the CBT model. I was scheduled for a PPT exam at my alma mater by 7 a.m that fine morning, I was there a few minutes to 7, met a very long line already, joined up, got my thumb painted with a marker and was set for exams. I wasn’t nervous at all, I didn’t even know what to expect, I thought it was just any normal exams we’ve been writing all along, almost everybody there was older than I was.

Soon, we were seated in the hall and the booklet of questions were before us. The exam was to last for 3hrs, 30 minutes. What could be in this question booklet, I thought to myself, I had never sat that long in an exam hall…

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Utibe Umoh

Utibe Umoh is a Public health enthusiast, poet and author with a great deal of interest in romance-fiction stories and short essays. His first e-Book, Tales of bliss, was out in 2020 and is currently available on the Amazon Kindle bookstore and free on bookstore. He currently pursues a degree in Medicine and Surgery at the College of Health Sciences, University of Uyo and is editor-in-chief for his Medical student association. He is content creator for Ray of thought - an assembly of young thinkers who are out to impact the world positively - and enjoys listening to classical music at his leisure hours.

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