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A practising relationship manager, seasoned accountant and chartered administrator, Mr. Effiong Esumo was keynoter as the Oro Nation Leadership Roundtable held her first quarterly session for year 2021 in Uyo, Sunday.

Keynote Speaker

Speaking on ‘Self Discipline As a Driver for Personal Success’, Mr. Esumo posited that everyone must have his/her own definition of success because “success varies and must be measured by the internal parameters you have set for yourself, rather than the achievements of others.”

He further explained that one reason most people fail is because they allow themselves to be tossed around, living their lives unintentionally.

It’s self discipline that allows us to take our lives away from this autopilot,” he said.

Self control, Motivation, Persistence and Goals were listed by the ExxonMobil management staffer as four components of self discipline that help one succeed.

According to him, the goals of an undisciplined person are nothing but mere wishes, as “discipline serves as the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”

Mr. Esumo summarized self discipline as “that which you have to do even when you don’t feel like it.” To achieve success in any endeavor, he remarked that one must take absolute control of his/inner mind which he said only enjoys fun and pleasure.

Discipline comes with sacrifice and one of the main characteristics of self discipline is the ability to forgo instant and immediate gratification and pleasure,” he added.

To instill discipline of self, the keynote speaker charged participants at the event to among other things, build valuable network, seek mentorship and inculcate financial discipline by spending only on things they actually need against the imprudent way of life which he termed ‘conspicuous consumption’.

Stating what influenced the choice of ‘Self Discipline’ as subject of discourse by the Roundtable, Convener of the organization, Barr. Omen Bassey noted in his welcome address that,  “Our generation is faced with serious crises caused by the mercantility of the Nigerian politics and distractions of the social media.”

“With the advent of this republic emerged a new set of noveau riche whose wealth cannot be traced to hard work, ethical conducts and self discipline. This, in turn gave birth to a counter productive culture of laziness, aimlessness, dependency, begging, profligacy and big dreams without work,” he continued.

Convener Oro Nation Leadership Roundtable

In Omen’s words, “Several studies have shown that most people who win lotteries or jackpots always end in bankruptcy. A careful study of politics related wealth in Nigeria amply validates this claim.

“Character and discipline are the foundation and cornerstone of wealth. There’s no sustainably successful person who is not a man or woman of clear values, solid character and high discipline. In fact, your success is directly proportional to the level of your discipline,” he concluded.

Also speaking, the guest speaker and founder of Teens Mentors Network Africa, Ms Mmanti Umoh noted that this generation has a challenge with reality. She urged those who seek to lead to first lead themselves.

Guest Speaker

“We need to have conversations and stop crying. Nobody hears what you say when you are crying,” she submitted.

The Lead Discussant and Deputy Convener of the Roundtable explained that

“there’s no area of our lives in which self discipline is more important than in the way we manage our time.” He described time management as life management, explaining that a high degree of self discipline is required to adequately achieve our set goals.

The session was attended by a host of young professionals, as well as leaders of various youth and students Organisations

Lead Discussant



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