That Man Should Not Be Judged Quantum Mechanically | David Antia

A Man should be judged in his very general classical presentation than quantum mechanically  for as our dear Pope John Paul note in his epistle to Lord Bolingbroke, “there are many uncertain truths in the world; it is therefore in the anatomy of the mind as in that of the body; more good will accrue to mankind by attending to large , open and perceptible part , than by studying too much fine nerves and vessels, the conformation and uses which will forever escape our observations” 

We may forsake all hopes to propriety if we ever place any man in the crucible of perfection and main the test to conclude on him- he will never come out perfect. If we leave his General passion, will and canonical ensemble that represents his total state, to study the inner and most minutest detail of his make up, then we make him useless. 

Virtue and vice as our Dear Pope again impressed with Lord Bolingbroke, is joined in our mixed nature; the limits near, yet the things separate and evident. The ends of providence and general good are answered in our passions and imperfections. 

No man, I think, should be judged in the minutest for it is in our dynamics to be good but not without an admixture of evil. 

When you study a system classically (that is, on a very macroscopic note) , it shows possibilities and general  inclinations to particulars- as in man, particularly good or particularly bad. But when looked into microscopically, we see more possibilities and probabilities that is here-to very unfamiliar to the workings of the general system. 

If it be that we are so content in our knowledge of the nature of God’s goodness until we begin to look through the microscopic lens and get confused and begin to question contradiction and tend to antiquity. How more then , we should be careful not to study a man so in-depth(ly) or to even judge him for his microscopic details which do not appear apparent in his General life. 

So if a man is apparently bad, so should he be judge. For though the weed must grow where it is not planted , it is ‘indiscipline’ for a farmer  to perish his goods by allowing the evil part of nature to overwhelm the field of his mind.

If then we truly understand this, that when we get closer to a man , we observe with no permission, some microscopic contradictions, let us then forgive and brush fine our skill of interpersonal relationships. If you demand perfection then you are in yourself imperfect, for it is a sin for an imperfect variable to seek to become a judging function of “good”. 

Let’s continue to live by allowing others to live. We are living  for the fact that others allow us to live. 

Happy new month friends 



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