The Incoming President Should Priotize The Education Sector | David Antia

The current situation of Nigerian students being trapped in Sudan as a result of a battle for hegemony between two Leaders of the country( Gen. Abdel Fattah Burhan, head of the armed forces, and Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo)have caused many Nigerians to entertain multiple thoughts and reflections about our welfare as citizens.

Many have wondered why any Nigerian would prefer to go to far Sudan to study instead of our own country. Others have poignantly resolved the many the explanation into the conclusion that our own Country pay less attention to education compared to Sudan.

Any how one may look at it, there is an undeniable causal nexus between our Country’s abandonment of the education sector and the increasing numbers of Citizens who leave the country every year to get education abroad. Moreso, Nigerian Students are  always the ones who bear the brunt of this dereliction the most.

From 2017 to 2022(in 5years alone), ASUU have gone on strike for 21 months (that is, 1 year 9months), leaving the Nigerian students to bear the pains of setbacks.

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Despite this frustration, as citizens, we keep renewing our hope for change in this country amidst daily disappointments from our Governments. We have done so in recent times through our massive engagement with the 2023 general election. We hope that the sore situation of our tertiary education under this administration will end during the swearing in of the President-elect.

This malady must not recrudesce in any form or estimation. We do not want to see any trace of it at all in this incoming administration.
Lack of adequate investments in our education has left an insatiable void in the sector and the citizens who obviously value education must then pant and over-stretch their tongue as of a long dry receptacle thirsty for a drop of moisture.
Wherever they can find good education is where they definitely will go to. So are Nigerians to be blames for the Jakpa syndrome?

Humans every where in the world deserve an environment which help them to actualize their purpose in life. This in fact is also an unassailable ingredient of the principle of the rule of Law of any country and Nigeria is not left out. One of the three important elements of the concept of the Rule of Law as was determined at the Delhi Congress of International Commission of Jurists, 1959, states intently;

“The establishment of social, economic and cultural conditions which permit men to live in dignity and to fulfil their legitimate aspirations” .
Our Constitution(as altered,1999) confirm this emblem of the rule of Law as the primary function of government and assert in Section 14(2)(b) that Security and WELFARE of the people shall be the primary purpose of Government.
Any Government which fail to provide the necessary conditions of life that will favour the flourishing of her citizens have failed in guaranteeing the welfare of the people. Such government can never boost of operating under the precint  of this intrinsic democracratic barometer.


We expect a lot from the incoming President and will not excuse or pardon the continuance of this current perennial gap between promise and performance that have subsist over the years. For once, the promise of our politicians must match their performance.

While we do not expect our incoming to perform magic in bringing the country to a state of el dorado overnight, we hope on him to strengthen our vital institutions, one of which is education. Senator Udo Udoma said and I agree, that , “Men are powerless to secure the future, institutions alone fix the destiny of Nations”.

With a formidable institution of Education in Nigeria, the future of posterity will be gratitude

Our most important deed of the social contract deal, Supreme Constitution(as amended, 1999) of Nigeria in Section 18(1) provides;
“Government shall direct its policy towards ensuring that there are equal and adequate educational opportunities at all levels”.

A resolve by the incoming President to pay adequate attention to the Education Sector would be a minimal undertaking to transform this country. This is our right as a people and we hope he will incline to the duty of protecting this right. It is the least thing we expect him to do amongst many other things.

David Antia
Studying Law at Topfaith University , MKPATAK.
Graduate of Physics, University of Uyo, Uyo
Author of “You and Others”


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