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Barr Onofiok As He Is Known

When you take a close look at the profile of this great man, loved by his people, you are left with no option but to stand in awe of his amazing achievements over the years


In fact, I had goosebumps reading the excellent piece captured by Wikipedia about this man. I had to pause and take a little time to reflect on my life.

His achievements beginning from his time as the Students’ Union President when he led a groundbreaking and peaceful protest against the UNIUYO School Management over the terrible increment of school fees and other sundry charges.

His three-year appointment as a personal assistant to Governor Godswill Akpabio.

His election as the pioneer speaker of the 109-member Parliament, which was a non-stipendiary institution created by the then President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua to help generate ideas from Nigerian youths as it concerns the country’s main governance,

His sudden election as the house member representing Nsit Ubium state constituency in 2011 as well as his rise to become the youngest speaker of the Akwa Ibom State house of representatives in 2015,

It was no news when he won the elections to become the house member representing Etinan Federal Constituency in the National Assembly. An election that was a landslide victory against his opponent.

Onofiok’s achievements are evident and very focused on his philosophy of human development. In his federal constituency, you can evidently see his efforts toward youth capacity-building and his numerous human empowerment initiatives.

The Constituency Transport Scheme and the Business Startup Grants, which have improved the lot of locals and constituents who own SMEs, are two hallmark schemes through which youths and women have gained economic empowerment.

In just two years, more than 600 young men and women have benefited from both programs.

Onofiok Luke is perhaps Nigeria’s first and only known public person to organize a legislative internship program for young Nigerians.

As captured by Wikipedia, in 2013, he established The Onofiok Luke Legislative Internship Program (TOLLIP). The goal of the program is to teach and coach young Nigerians about the basics of lawmaking in accordance with worldwide best practices.

Interns are also taught how to be self-sufficient in terms of finances, social volunteering, peace advocacy, and conflict management. He pays the interns a stipend on a monthly basis.

In one of his recent speeches, he stated adroitly that he isn’t a perfect man, but he knows he is a man with a good heart.

Happy Birthday Mr. Human Development, Sir Onofiok Luke. Indeed, you have mentored and developed many youths. We are hopeful your new age will bring more good works to our people.

I wish you all the best in your aspirations to occupy the number one seat of power in the state.


Usoro Emmanuel

Emmanuel Usoro

Usoro Emmanuel is a graduate of the Department of Animal and Environmental Biology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Uyo. He has interest in Theatre, Copywriting, Leadership, Politics, Environment and a host of other fascinating fields. "Excellence at all times" is his slogan. During his university days he participated actively in student's unionism were he served as a law maker. He has also written and published some articles on some published magazines. He is a Professional Copywriter, Content Creator and Event compère. He is also a Columnist at Ray of Thoughts. He loves to listen to Hymns while he writes.

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