What Kills Millions Of Nigerians Yearly Is Not Just Disease But Lack of Basic Hospital Facilities | David Umem

What Kills Millions Of Nigerians Yearly Is Not Just Disease But Lack of Basic Hospital Facilities – David Emmanuel Umem, 2022

Have you ever visited hospital before maybe for the sake of your health or to check on your loved one?

How would you feel if you were there and your loved one who is sick did not have a good hospital bed to lie on?
Every sick person in our hospitals around the world could have been our blood relation. They are very important.

What if your sick Mother, due to the severity of her illness needed someone to be with her, but could not get that support because of insufficient bed to accommodate you who would have loved to be with her in the hospital to give her comfort?

How would you feel if that precious soul who mean all the world to you died because of lack of good hospital bed and other basic medical facilities?

All over the world especially in Nigeria, we continue to push for access to health care, without really thinking about what happens when people get to the hospital.

150 hospital beds all packed and ready to be shipped from Denmark to Nigeria 🇩🇰🛏🩺🇳🇬

A certain study estimates that 5milion people die every year because of poor quality health care in low -and middle income countries. That’s to say, 3.6 Million people in those countries die because of lack of access to basic hospital facilities which constitute proper health care.

To show how fatal lack of proper health care is, the death rate owing to lack of access to basic facilities, as can be seen above is 5 times more than annual deaths from HIV/AIDS (which is 1 Million)

This is the reason I think that this donation by Region Midtjylland is very important and invaluable.
They have donated 150 beds to our community hospital at ACAEDF. This is intended to provide free quality medical attention to Akwa Ibom people and Nigerians. The beds are all electrical beds with a remote to up and lower the height 🛏🩺💪🏻

Thanks to Region in Midtjylland for choosing Land of Hope ❤️

Thanks to DSV – Global Transport and Logistics Denmark for sponsoring the shipment 🚢

Thanks to Bop Scan Office ApS for sponsoring 3 strong Danish vikings to pack all the 150 beds into the containers 💪🏻

Anja Ringgren Loven

Anja Ringgren Loven receiving the bed on behalf of Land of Hope

If you can imagine how many lives will be saved as a result of this humanitarian gesture, then you would agree with me that a thank you to them is not enough

David Emmanuel Umem is the Founder / Executive Director of African Children Aid Education And Development Foundation( AKA Land of Hope)

David Umem

David Umem

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